Inflyte Radar: Lara Klart

New York based American DJ and producer Lara Klart continues to develop and impress as an artist as she returns to Destination V for the release of her new’ Te Amo Madrid’ EP.

She has previously brought her techno-leaning club sound to imprints such as Mark Greene’s DORCHA and Vilifier Records, though it’s Destination V where the majority of her past works have landed.

We welcome Lara to our latest on Inflyte Radar, where we spoke to her about the new EP, what she might have coming in the near future, as well as her work with the Lara Klart Foundation and other relief ventures.

Hi Lara, we hope you’re well. How are things over in New York City right now?

Hi guys, I’m great thanks! New York is a city that never disappoints you, although many find it chaotic, wonderful things happen in this city.

But what surprises me the most is the growth of techno music, there are regularly weekends with more than 3 events with techno artists and all of them are sold out! It’s impressive, especially the diverse and unique crowd that this city has.

You’re about to return to Destination V for the release of your ‘Te Amo Madrid’ EP, talk us through the original track included on this one?

Destination V has been a very special label in my career, the time I was on the Beatport chart was with this label and Vivifier Records, which are from the same company.

‘Te Amo Madrid’ has a lot of history, in 2021 I discovered through a DNA test that my roots are 55% Spanish, when I saw that it made sense why I felt so connected to Spain, its people, and its music.

The first time I went to Spain was in Madrid. I fell in love with the city and after that I always had the thought to create a fusion of psytrance, techno, and flamenco. It took a long time for the idea to arrive.

It was 5am on a Wednesday in NYC and I had the tune stuck in my head. I got up and went straight to my studio, I started with the kick and then the percussion helped me find the melody that I had in my head, I think it took me 4 days to put the idea together.

I sent it to many of my friends, 95% of them told me it was amazing and 5% said I was crazy for mixing three musical genres into one, but this is what came out of my head and my heart. It represents many things for me, the past, the present, and the future.

After this track I feel like I have found a new path to where I want to take my music, and what I want to express. ‘Te Amo Madrid’ is a song made with love, with nostalgia, and with a lot of hope. I really would love for you to like it as much as I do.

And it also features a remix from Alexander Technique, what’s your thoughts on his edit?

I love Alexander’s music a lot, his sound is incredible. I love his style, and his tracks with Todd Terry are the line I’ve been playing for a long time.

When Alexander heard ‘Te Amo Madrid’ for the first time, told me “this track is unique and rare, I want to remix it”, and I was like “Wooow, are you serious?”, he did it in less than two weeks, and I loved it, he gave another version of the track that was darker, more dramatic, more techno. I hope you all enjoy this track. I hope to launch more collaborations with Alexander soon.

You’ve also released music on Mark Greene’s DORCHA and Vilifier Records in the past, which other labels might we see you on this year?

I have a new release with Dolma Records this summer, a pretty powerful track that I know everyone who follows me for my techno tracks will like.

It’s a collaboration with a fellow Ecuadorian named Macsan, who I’ve released tracks with before. I have several songs that are yet to come out with other labels this year. It’s a surprise!

You have a foundation and a clothing brand which aim to give young people the chance to learn instruments, how are things going with that?

I created the Lara Klart Foundation with the aim of raising money through Black Lagom (my clothing brand) and Janus Experience (my event and booking agency) to help low-income Ecuadorian children who want to get involved in music but do not have the support or money to buy their own instruments or equipment.

I have been involved in social work since I was 16, participating in events with all kinds of different charities. I previously partnered with private companies and local governments, but this time I decided to do it with my own means and ideas. So this is something I am very passionate about outside of music.

What’s one non-techno track that you’re really feeling right now?

I love Ludovico Einaudi, all of his music! Apart from that it may seem strange to you but I love listening to these tracks: Carlos Gardel – Por Una Cabeza and Edith Piaf – La Foule, two Tango songs which give me goosebumps when I listen to them, musically I consider myself an old soul. From current tracks, Jordan Rakei & Tom Misch – Midnight Mischief, this song is extremely romantic and profound.

Is there anything else you want to add before we finish up?

I would like to tell those who read this, it does not matter where you come from, what color of skin you have, what language you speak, never forget to be HUMAN, to feel, to laugh, to appreciate the little things, to value the people who love you, to love, to respect others, be good, be honest, be loyal, to embrace all the stages of your life regardless of whether they are bad or good and to believe, because it is very important to never stop believing in yourself and that the world is a beautiful place to live even if sometimes it may seem like it’s not.

Lara Klart – Te Amo Madrid EP is out April 14th on Destination V.