Inflyte Radar: Luca Gaeta

Italy based DJ and producer Luca Gaeta is next up on our Inflyte Radar, a series where we highlight an emerging artist who has the potential to do big things in the future.

With his music having already landed on labels such as Christian Smith’s Tronic and Steve Mulder’s Orange Recordings as well as previous collaborations with UK heavyweights Spektre and Chicago Loop, Luca Gaeta is on a fast track through the ranks of European techno, and from what he has told us on this recent interview, he shows no sign of locking on the brakes just yet.

You’re on our radar this month, how are you?

Hello mate, i’m good, thanks. Very pleased to speak with you.

Your new Over The Rain EP just dropped on Oscuro, tell us how the record came to fruition?

Yeah, well, I started to work on the melodies of all the three tracks; each track has my style, my view of melodic techno. For Over the rain I started with a distorted kick with a present bassline, adding a rolling arp and distorted snare during the track. Resurrection, in my opinion, is a big acid track with melodic perc’s and rollig acid synth’s. For Silence I wrote the main lead and I used it during the track; after that I wrote a little melody with a dark synth, then I added another lead more dark during the break.

How has the support been for the release?

The EP has had great support from Joseph Capriati, Cristian Varela, Luigi Madonna, Bart Skills, Spartaque and others.

It includes three tracks, Over The Rain, Resurrection and Silence, do you have a favourite?

I don’t have a favorite track; I really love all my tracks, if it wasn’t so, I wouldn’t release anything.

How important do you think social media is for new DJs and producers?

I think that today people give too much importance to social media and less to their productions. Social media is so important as it helps to publicize releases, but at the same time I guess we need to start with good tracks.

What kind of setup are you using in the studio?

Well, I have got a really basic setup: TR-8, Moog Sub 37, Dave Smith Pro 2 and VST’s. I really love to work on my tracks mixing analog to digital.

Do you have any concrete goals for the 2018 year?

Yes, of course. I signed another massive track on Tronic in the next Rocker Lunch V.A, this is my third release this year with them. I have also started a massive collab with one of the best artist (obviously in my opinion), but I don’t want to share any news for now!

Let’s wrap things up with your favourite tune at the moment, either for DJing or just to listen to?

My favorite track at the moment is Mark Reeve – Far Away, I really love Mark’s style, he’s a big producer and he is also my idol.