Inflyte Radar: Philipp Ort

Philipp Ort is a Swiss born DJ and producer who also spent many years living in London. His back catalogue includes releases on labels ranging from Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records to fabric and Get Physical.

Next up on his schedule is an EP for Suleiman, which as well as two original tracks includes remixes by Robert Babicz and Inxec. Excited to learn more about this and the other projects coming from this rising talent we caught up with Philipp Ort to ask him a few questions about his local club scene, the new EP and who he would love to collaborate with.

Let’s start off with your new Humans Like Us EP for Suleiman, tell us about the tracks? How did they come together in the studio?

Both tracks have been long-term projects really. Especially Fredek’s Story which has had quite a build up from the idea until finishing the track. It’s basically a true story about my wife’s canary bird, who jumped from the 6th floor of her building at that time. And as he could not fly at all, he more or less just fell while wiggling his wings. It’s got a happy ending though, as he survived without any injuries!

If you listen very carefully to this track, you can even tell the moment when he is jumping into the unknown! He was very brave really, and had quite an experience! On top of that, I’ve had the pleasure of working with vocalist Haptic on this track, and he recorded the perfect type of vocals. I told him the whole story and he really liked the idea, so he came up with these beautiful melodic vocals.

It is a real special track this one, and I’m very happy to have found such a true musical home with Suleiman Records, as to them this release isn’t just another catalogue number.

On the other hand, with Humans Like Us I wanted to create something clubby and deep with big melodic sounds on top. It tells the story about our human race who should stop thinking just about themselves, we need to think less of ‘mine’ but more of ‘our’s’! I find the current times reflect this perfectly!

And the EP also includes remixes from Robert Babicz and Inxec, what’s your opinion of the remixes?

Yes, that is very cool indeed! Robert did a great job in turning the original of “Humans like Us” into his own pumping style and it’s perfect for the dance floor. A real groover this one! The remix from Inxec has also received a lot of cool feedback from artists, and it’s great to have these two remixes as part of the EP.

In the past we’ve seen you release on the likes of Get Physical, fabric and KMS Records, are there any labels that you have on the bucket list? That you hope you’ll get the chance to work with?

To be honest, I don’t really have a bucket list of labels that I want to release with. It’s most Important to me that the labels which release my music do so with passion, and appreciate the creativity plus craftsmanship behind my production process. I have been quite lucky with the labels I’ve released on, and it has been a real pleasure to work with them. In the end, everything has come in a nice flow without having to force anything.

Coming from Switzerland, how would you compare your countries club scene to the rest of Europe?

I moved to London quite young, and I haven’t really had the chance to engage with the Swiss club scene during that time. However, I did enjoy numerous nights out at Rohstofflager before moving away, and it was (still is) one of my favourite clubs from the beginning of my musical adventure.

As for now, I have been positively surprised about the selection of venues, DJs and music styles here in Switzerland. It seems like a healthy scene, and people do love clubbing and music here. The choice of artists and venues every weekend is great, and there are a lot of cool places run by people who live for the scene, and its community passionately create their own vibe. It’s a great vibe here in Zürich, and it’s always fun going out meeting like-minded people.

And what names coming out of Switzerland should we be paying close attention to?

There are a few cool artists creating hype at the moment, and they are from different styles of electronic music. I’m currently enjoying Dandara, who’s music has got these deeper vibes. Also, Cella and Arutani are doing their own thing, and produce some good quality music.

Let’s finish off with a few generalised questions! Who is your dream collaboration?

Well, that is an easy one! Massive Attack.

What’s your favourite track of 2020 so far?

There is some good stuff coming out at the moment, and I’m really enjoying the releases on Flying Circus Recordings and Bar 25. They release a diverse spread of electronic music and have signed some talented new artists. The new Maga & Nhii EP is really cool, so far, it’s definitely one of my favourite releases to come out this year.

What’s your most essential piece of gear in the studio?

At the moment, I’d say the Arturia synths, as you’re able to create warm and phat sounds plus great sequences. It’s lots of fun playing around with them, and trying out new ideas.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat! Before we go, is there a message you want to share with the world?

It has been a pleasure, thanks for having me! And, yes, stay creative!