Inflyte Radar: Ronnie Spiteri

Southampton’s Ronnie Spiteri has continued to impress with releases on labels like Mobileee and Truesoul, and last week seen him mark his debut on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave with a double tracker titled Thunder Life.

It’s with this EP that Mr. Spiteri finds himself popping up on our Inflyte Radar to discuss the release, what plans he has in motion for 2018 and one or two tunes that he’s proper digging at the moment, keep reading for the full insight!

You’re on our radar this month, how are you?

Thanks for having me on your radar, its very much appreciated. Yeah I’m very well thanks, literally just agreed to sign my 2nd EP to the big man Alan Fitzpatrick’s label, so today is a very good day.

Your release ‘Thunder Life’ is about to drop on We Are The Brave, tell us how the record came to be?

Yes I’m really excited about this upcoming release, Alan has allowed me to show more of my darker side by asking me to make him a series of EP’s for his label so I was happy to lock myself in the studio and come up with the first two tracks for the release ‘Thunder life’ and ‘Sleepwalker’.

‘Thunder Life’ is more of a peak time track with the foundations of techno and a hint of old school with the hook and it works really well on the dance floor! ‘Sleepwalker’ is more of a late/end of set track, I wanted to create more of a bass line led track with nice leads and synths to it and this was made all on hardware and all recorded into Reason.

How has the support been for the release?

Already having someone like Alan show support in signing my music and wanting me to be a part of his We Are The Brave family is amazing. Feedback wise for the release all the big hitters are saying the EP sounds great and will try the tracks out at their shows, so can’t wait to see the response to it.

How important do you think social media is for new DJs and producers?

Unfortunately… it’s probably even more important now than the actual music that we spend hours and hours painstakingly creating (as producers) and love.

It really has become more about how you come across and look on social media. Also, promoters are now using artists socials more than ever to gain reach for their own event through boosting posts.

What kind of setup are you using in the studio?

As for Hardware, I’m using a Moog 37 Analog Synthesizer, Roland Sh09 and my Roland Drum Machine. I also use a lot of the plugins in Reason as there’s a lot of good ones you get free already installed.

Do you have any concrete goals for the 2018 year?

Yeah for sure, you have to set targets and goals to try and achieve, I went over to Ibiza earlier this summer to meet with my management team and have a few days of strategy meetings and to map out the year ahead.

We are well on target with my Amnesia Ibiza residency just announced for the summer, several new EP’s signed up and after a year’s hiatus I am returning to my own label Kenja for a very special release project featuring a collection of Battle Weapons with some surprise collabs and remixes thrown in!

I’m well excited for these to drop, they have been working really well in my sets recently. My Amnesia Ibiza residency, Do Not Sleep arena @ Su Casa Festival, UK club shows with Ants & El Row, back for another South America tour in Q4 and once my USA visa is approved I’ll be off to the States end of the year too.

Let’s wrap things up with your favourite tune at the moment, either for DJing or just to listen to?

So I have an unsigned track called ‘True Colours’ which is really doing it for me at the moment, seems to stand out crowd reaction wise and a lot of people keep coming up and asking me about it so I’m going to have to go with that!

BUT, one of the newer tracks Alan has just signed ‘Talking To Nature’ is also tearing it up in his sets and I have lots of my peers already asking me for it, so that might just be my new favourite one for now… Ha!

Ronnie Spiteri’s Thunder Life EP is out now on We Are The Brave. Grab it here.