Inflyte Radar: Sifa

Belgium has produced some of the top electronic artists in recent years, with names like Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte pushing their sound to an international audience.

One emerging talent within the Belgian scene is Sifa, who alongside releasing his own music on Kompakt and Sol Eterno, has put out productions from Rancido, Fred Und Luna and K.E.E.N.E. via his own Depth label.

We got the chance to chat to him ahead of his new remix for Boddhi Satva and Mehdi Nassouli on Offering Records, we discussed the new edit, Depth, his inclusion on Tomorrowland’s 2020 line up and more.

Hey Sifa, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month! How are things in Brussels?

Hey guys. Thanks for having me on your radar this month. Tried to stay low profile but I guess I failed. Things are going pretty well in Brussels. I’ve never played so much in my home town since I started this music journey. On the other hand it’s almost spring and summer, which means – festival season.

Your new remix for Boddhi Satva and Mehdi Nassouli just came out on Offering Recordings, how did you approach the project when you received the parts?

Boddhi and myself have a particular relationship. We work together on different projects but don’t really need to communicate to move things forward. For his remix of Ghaita, he basically sent me the parts with a short note – “Remix Time”  – and I was thinking, Aight!

The original version was already working very well in clubs, so I wanted to give it a different vibe by making it more ‘housy and straight forward’. It was also the first time for me to work on a remix with that type of vibe so overall it was a very nice experience. I’m very happy about the results and the early support by acts such as AudioFly, Amine K and David Mayer.

And what do you consider when a remix offer comes across your desk?

I always ask myself the following questions first – can I make a better version than the original and will my touch add value to the original version.

Those two questions are for me the first point of a remix request. Of course if a big label or artist you like asks you for a remix it’s a different story.

Among your previous releases you’ve put tracks on labels like Kompakt and Sol Eterno, what outputs might be getting added to the list in 2020?

I have some projects that are done but don’t have a home yet. An EP with Dead-Tones, a smooth song with Boddhi Satva and Italian vocalist LOV, and last but not least a track with Areeas & Moodayz. Let’s wait for all those to come out.

And your own Depth imprint, where you’ve released Rancido, Fred Und Luna, K.E.E.N.E. and others, what’s to come on there?

On Depth there is Slef with Music Is A Language, a Dead-Tones remix of Actarus and some other EPs still to be confirmed. But all those should see the light of day very soon.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to send a demo your way?

Just send it over. I listen to all of them personally and answer all of them. As long as it has a nice groove or melodramatic soundscapes it has a chance.

We noticed you’ll be playing Tomorrowland’s ‘Core’ stage this year, alongside Ame, Rodhad and Patrice Baumel, what can fans expect to hear during your set?

Well I’m super excited for this one as it will be the first time playing there. I’ll open the stage so it’s going to start smooth and dive into something very fun. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket I’ll maybe see you on Saturday July 18th.

Thanks for talking to us, before we wrap things up, what’s one message you want to share with the world?

Life is too short to worry about nonsense. Make love, spread love and enjoy it to the fullest!

Sifa’s remix of Boddhi Satva & Mehdi Nassouli – Ghaita is out 13th March on Offering Recordings.