Inflyte Radar: Squire

Barcelona based producer Squire has so far brought his sound to labels like Get Physical, Moodmusic, Suara, Solar Distance, Rebellion and Flying Circus, as well as Get Physical sister label Kindisch, a label he returns to on April 6.

Delivering his four piece Senses EP to the label, a release which sees the Spanish artist collaborate with vocal talent Vette.

We caught up with Squire to welcome him to the Inflyte Radar series, a monthly focus on one of dance musics most promising acts.

You’re on our radar this month, how are you?

Very good thanks, just came back from Ecuador so recovering a bit and ready for the next one!

Your new track Wish It Was Easy is about to drop on Kindisch, tell us how the record came to be?

Interesting story it was when I met this woman in Berlin called Jonelle, she used to sing and write pop music and had her own project going. I met her during a dinner and that was before I was living from music and all of a sudden when I listened to some of her stuff I definatly saw her vocals fitting a dance record. So I worked a couple of tracks from her original pop music and I guess it worked out quite ok.

How has the support been for the release?

Well still early stage as the release is happening in April, the promo hasn’t started yet but hopefully people like it, I mean, there are some varities of styles in this record and i’m sure everyone will pick a different favorite choice.

How important do you think social media is for new DJs and producers?

Nowadays is crucial, not just for music but for everything. Internet is a monster, a huge monster that we’re not really aware of how big it is. When you start thinking that every bit of our information is up there at the cloud, personal details, bank details, social details etc.

Of course social media is something necessary to pump up your profile and probably to feel closer to your fans or friends who support your work but at the same time we must not forget where we’re coming from, and by this I mean that we’re not bloggers or instagramers or youtubers, we’re musicians, composers, music producers that want to share a feeling through the best and the most universal language in the world which is music so we cant pretend we all now become social modern 2.0 journalists.

What kind of setup are you using in the studio?

I use Ableton Live 10 and my sources of making music are coming from everywhere to be honest, because I sometimes sample, I use some nice vintage analogue synthesisers from the late 80s.

I also use virtual synths which nowadays sound great and I have this mixer to bring color from thermionic culture which I sometimes add to the basslines to give a bit of temperature to sounds.

Do you have any concrete goals for the 2018 year?

I hope I can keep doing what I love most which is making music, I feel so graetful to be able to do what I feel and love and thankfully have a living out of it. It’s a dream come true!

Let’s wrap things up with your favourite tune at the moment, either for DJing or just to listen to?

Moby – Swear.

Squire’s Senses EP is out on Kindisch HERE.