Inflyte Radar: The Southern

Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Davide Squillace, Italy has always managed to pull its weight when it comes to incredibly talented DJs and producers, and it’s time for the next generation to introduce themselves.

One such emerging artist is The Southern, who having already released on Orange Recordings, Tronic, Hydrozoa, Intec and KD RAW, finds himself on our Inflyte Radar.

Recently making his debut on Andres Campo and Eats Everything’s EI8HT Records, The Southern delivered an impressive four track offering titled Raw Culture.

We caught up with him to chat about the new release, the Italian club scene, other labels he might be releasing on, and his goals for 2020.

You’re on our Inflyte Radar this month! Tell us what you have going on?

Firstly, thanks for having me on your Inflyte Radar series! Everything is good for me at the moment, I am working a lot in the studio to create new music for this year.

Your new Raw Culture EP for EI8HT, what’s the inspiration behind this one?

‘Raw Culture’ was born from a selection of things in my life. Raw Culture for me today represents what I have become over time, having grown up on the street with my friends, where we have seen and shared things that are difficult to explain.

In fact, all the tracks on this EP are connected to each other and have a very precise meaning. ‘Tuned’ for example means being tuned into another life after death. ‘Interference’ is where I personally had the experience of having a close friend disappear for a while. ‘Tree Of Life’ which I also have as a tattoo means ‘Life After Death.”

Will you be returning to the label or is it a one-off appearance?

I hope so! I really love what Andres and Dan are doing with the release for EI8HT and I am forever thankful for them releasing my music on their platform. They have both supported my music for many years, so this was just the best and most natural label to be releasing on this year.

And what other labels might you be releasing with in the coming months?

I have a few things going on, one of those is actually on my own label ‘Rawthing’ which is out on the 24th February. And then into March I release my ‘Raw Generation’ EP on Kaiserdisco’s label KD RAW. I cannot wait for this release, and to be back on the RAW label. Finally, in May I have a release on the mighty Odd Recordings, which is run by my good friends Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez.

You’re a native to Italy, what’s your favourite thing about the Italian club scene?

That we have loved and known techno for so many years. I think the crowds in Italy are mad for this music, and they have a lot of knowledge about its history. Italians love techno like no other! Of course, I am talking about Southern Italy.

Do you have any goals for the 2020 year?

Yes, I have goals to get some new music out there, which is already well under way from the EP’s listed earlier. But I would also like to approach some artists like Kaiserdisco or Andres for a collab project. That would be a dream and very interesting!

How about for the new decade?

Leaving music aside here, the focus for me and I think that should be for everyone is to understand and respect our place called home – The World. It’s not going to be around forever.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat to us, before we wrap things up, what’s your favourite track at the moment?

Eminem – No Return. I thought would be cool to choose something that’s not dance! I listen to all types of music and Eminem is just insanely talented.

The Southern’s Raw Culture EP is out now on EI8HT Recordings.