Inflyte Radar: Toman

Amsterdam has never been in doubt as an output of top quality dance music talent, so it was only a matter of time that our Inflyte Radar would pick up on the cities next generation of selectors.

Enter emerging house producer Toman, who’s releases on Moan, PIV and most recently, NO ART have put him firmly on the map as a future go-to name on an international level.

You just released your Don’t Hesitate EP with NO ART, tell us about the inspiration behind this one?

I got inspired for this one in the Loft, Amsterdam. Reiss was playing ‘Robin EE – Keep On’ which has a really cool vocal in there but is still minimalistic. I started off with a stripped down beat at my kitchen table and added the chopped vocal later on in the studio.

And you’ve also put music out on Moan and PIV this year, what’s your go to process when reaching out to a label about a release?

You need the music first. It’s important to work on a track without focussing on a label. When I have a couple of tunes ready I test them first and after some weeks I think of a cool selection for an EP. After that I will look for a label. I’m also very lucky to be surrounded by friends with cool labels.

What other labels might you be working in the coming months? Anything exciting?

Chile and UK based labels.

ANOTR and Chris Stussy are amongst artists you’ve collaborated with, how do you approach a collab, compared to a solo project?

I like to be in the studio together instead of sending stems/projects around, this way you can add or delete the things you all like or don’t. It’s important to both stick to your habits and have your input. I use the Push in all my productions so it’s always one of us using the Push and one of us controlling the mouse. In the future I want to add more gear so we can play around live.

You live in Amsterdam, which is no doubt a hotspot for dance music and nightclubs. Besides the music scene, what makes it home for you?

I love to ride my bike through the city especially when the sun is out. It’s actually inspiring and helps me to relax after a long studio session. Also love Amsterdam summer nights in the park hanging out with friends.

Are you planning anything special for Amsterdam Dance Event this week?

Next to some meetings and catching up with friends I will go to see Sweely on Thursday as I find his music super inspiring. On Friday I will join my friends at PIV. I’m playing at Awakenings on Saturday for Joris Voorn & Friends and on Sunday I’m playing at FUSE 10 Years with the whole crew. If you are from Amsterdam you know you need to be at Bret on Monday.

And what about after October, what’s on the tour schedule?

Antwerp, Frankfurt, London, Liverpool, Leeds, Barcelona, Alicante, Rotterdam and back in Amsterdam. Will soon announce my Christmas dates which I’m super excited for.

Anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up?

The floor is lava.

Toman’s Don’t Hesitate EP is out now on NO ART.