Inflyte Radar: Torrfisk

Always on the look for fresh new talent, the Inflyte Radar shins the spotlight on an emerging artist who we believe is destined for big things in the near future.

This month we caught up with Torrfisk who along with releasing on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird is soon to drop an EP on Apollo Music Group run by a collective that includes Chicago House legend DJ Heather.

Hi Torrfisk, it’s nice to be talking with you today. What part of the world are you currently based?

Nice to be talking with you as well. I am currently in Indiana but from Chicago.

Could you start by giving a little background on how you first got into electronic music?

As far as listening, I started around the hip house and acid era. My tastes changed throughout the years but mainly stayed in the house and techno range.

As for making it, I started on a crappy Yamaha keyboard, mpc2000, and music trackers. For those that may not know what a music tracker is, it is a DAW that used mainly notation. Yeah, I am old.

I spotted on SoundCloud that you have featured a track on Claude VonStroke’s label Dirtybird. How did you make contact with the label, and do you have future plans to work with them again?

I basically just sent my demos to the Dirtybird demo box. From what I hear, they get 10,000 demos a week, so super honoured that I was chosen to be a part of the label. I have more things in the works that I will be sending them soon.

Your next release is on Apollo Music Group, which is run by a team of people including Chicago legend DJ Heather. How would you describe your track on the release?

I would describe it as a nasty bass loaded track, that has no problem beating you in the face with its low end.

Included on the release are remixes by Paul Johnson and Hector Moralez. How does it feel to have such respected artists rework your music?

It is amazing. These are two people that I have looked to for musical inspiration over the years. Some of Paul’s earlier work is actually an inspiration for some of my recent work. Hector’s large high hat beat style, and solid low end kick, have been valued for most of the work I have done since 2007 to now. It is truly great to have them on the remix.

Which other labels have you worked with, and do you have any tips for people who are starting to send out demos in order to try and get their music signed?

Some other labels are Sweets & Treats, Farris Wheel, Purveyor Underground, Soul Fuel, Chicago Skyline, Soup NYC, Sampled, and We Jack.

As far as getting music out there, I would say don’t stop sending your work. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from the labels. They have a ton to listen to, and can’t cover it all, so give it some time. If you don’t hear back, send the next track, and see if you get a bite. There are so many labels out there, I am sure you can place your music somewhere else if the label you were shooting for doesn’t grab it up.

What’s coming up next in your release schedule, and do you have any DJ gigs planned this summer?

My next release should be on Ghettoblaster’s label, We Jack. Also a new vinyl release for Midway Hustle. No proposed date yet for the releases. My wife and I just had another baby, so DJ gigs will be on hold for a couple of months. I do have one local gig at Underbar in Chicago on July 20th with the Midway Hustle crew.