Inflyte Radar: Tr One

Ireland’s dance music environment is a blank canvas of potential, with a level of emerging talent that effortlessly rivals the major urban jungles such as Berlin and London.

One such up ‘n’ comer is Carlow based producer Eddie Reynolds aka. Tr One, who impressed us in 2018 with an appearance on Don’t Be Afraid, a label that his most recent outing finds him return to.

We caught up with Eddie to discuss his countries swiftly evolving music scene, the pitfalls of Irish clubs and his hopeful plans for 2019. Find the full interview below.

Tr One, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, how are you!?

Hey! I’m good. Just finished a busy month of gigs and I’m enjoying some time off. It was a busy year all the way from my DBA release this time last year to now and am looking forward to 2019 to see what this magical world of electronic music holds!

How was 2018 for you, did you achieve most of what you set out to?

Yes – I had a number of releases and developed my sound further in the studio while playing some great gigs. No – Would like to play more gigs in Europe and make even more quality music.

And for this year, will you be setting any goals for yourself as an artist?

I’m currently moving my studio but would like to have a steady output of music I’m happy with (A big ask to be happy with your music lol) and DJ more which is a huge passion for me.

As an artist who is still emerging in Ireland, what’s your opinion on the dominance social media now has in dance music?

It’s a gift and a curse. Emerging in this scene it’s a neccesity but being in a business which is being shaped by an algorithm can be unnerving. I guess we all just want to be heard but part of me asks where will it lead creativity in the future.

And on the topic of Ireland, do you enjoy the scene here? How do you think it differs to the bigger cities?

Unfortunately we are hugely restricted by draconian licensing laws and constant venue closures due to private development schemes and an inept government who rarely support art beyond the obvious. On the other hand the amount of upcoming talent in the country at the moment is amazing and the quality of artists is breathtaking. Well worth a closer look and would love to see more support by the bigger dance music publications in delving deeper into the scene particularly around the country.

Where can we find you DJing next?

You can catch me in Electric Galway as a rotating resident in their new Family night. A great club and space. Some more gigs planned for early 2019 in Cork and Dublin.

And before we wrap up, what was your biggest tune of 2018?

Ah so many! I bought so many great records this year but the reaction that my last release on Apartment (Tr One – Afrodisco Beatdown) gets when I play is one I’m definitely proud of!