Inflyte Radar: Transcode

Paying close attention to our Inflyte Radar, this month we put our focus on Manchester based emerging techno DJ and producer Transcode. Previous releases have seen him appear on Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid and Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent.

Among his forthcoming plans, Transcode will be looking forward to his debut vinyl release with EGG London’s What Came First label, and his first gig at his hometown’s Warehouse Project with Drumcode.

We sat down with him to discuss the EP, some labels he’ll be releasing with soon and what he has planned for 2019.

Transcode, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month! How have things been recently?

Thanks for having me! Things have been great recently, a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and exciting news to announce very soon!

We saw you went to ADE this year, how was it?

Yeah this was my second time at ADE. Amsterdam is an amazing city and when the festival is on it attracts so many people within the music industry together, it’s pretty special. My experience this year was even better than I could of anticipated, I met so many new people I’ve wanted to meet and caught up with many others.

I also played at two showcases this year for Throne Room and Filth On Acid. The Filth On Acid gig was particularly memorable as it was my first ever B2B with Weska and at the legendary venue De Marktkantine, the line up was crazy and the party was insane!

Your next release will see you put out your first ever 12”, on EGG London’s What Came First label, exciting news for sure?

Yeah very excited for this one! I first got into Djing when I was 17 mixing vinyl and have always wanted to have my own tracks pressed to 12” so it’s pretty special to be able to hold a physical copy of my music in that form.

And it has remixes from two massive names in Secret Cinema and OC & Verde, how did you react to that?

It was an incredible feeling to have such talented artists remix my music. I’ve followed both acts for a while now and have always been inspired when listening to their tracks so to have them on board meant a lot!

You’ll also be playing at EGG London soon, do you plan your sets ahead or just see how things feel on the night?

I usually like to prep for a set, I like to take the crowd through a journey, normally playing more rolling and darker stuff at the start building in intensity and energy then finishing on some more melodic stuff.

I find that when you have mixes that sound in key it gives you more confidence on the night especially with the more melodic stuff. Saying all this I do play to the crowd so If something isn’t working on the night I will change it up and improvise.

This month will find you making your debut at The Warehouse Project for Drumcode, are you looking forward to playing at such a big event, and during it’s last ever season at Store Street?

This is probably my biggest gig to date so I am pretty fucking stoked about it! I’ve been raving at Warehouse Project for years and was one of the strong influences in why I got into making music and DJing in the first place so to be able to play here at Store Street before they move on it a bit of a dream come true! Also the line up is massive.

In the past we have enjoyed your music through labels like Respekt, Stil Vor Talent and Filth On Acid, is there a label you’ve had in mind for some time that you hope to release with soon? Maybe in 2019?

I’m currently working on signing follow up EP’s with those labels and have just signed a track to Monika Kruse’s label ‘Terminal M’. A few other things in the pipeline but unfortunately can’t say much until it’s more concrete!

And on the subject of 2019, what else do you have planned for next year?

Currently have a few exciting gig proposals coming through for some cool gigs and festivals next year. Hopefully they will come through! Just in the last stages of stringing releases out for next year now so hopefully all will be revealed in the coming months.

Stream ‘Transcode – Encounters’ on Filth On Acid below.