Inflyte Radar: Yungness & Jaminn

Emerging Marseille-based production duo Yungness & Jaminn continue to develop and climb the ranks of club music as they make their debut appearance on Loco Dice’s newly conceived SB Recordings imprint.

The French pair have previously released tracks with record labels such as Hellbent Records, Repopulate Mars, COCO, and CUFF – and are well positioned to mature into fully-fledged artists in the coming years.

We spoke to them both to chat about their new ‘Love For U / Koppa’ EP, how they feel about getting the seal of approval from Loco Dice, and more. Get the full discussion with Yungness & Jaminn below.

Hi guys, we hope you’re well. How has August been for you so far?

Hello everyone, we’re doing well, thank you! August has been exciting for us so far. We’re thrilled about what’s been happening.

Last month we saw you release your ‘Love For U / Koppa’ EP on SB Recordings, talk us through the two originals included on this one?

This EP includes two original tracks that are close to our hearts. ‘Love For U’ is a musical exploration of passion and affection, while ‘Koppa’ takes us on a more rhythmic and energetic journey.

And it also features a remix from label boss Loco Dice, what was your reaction to that when it first came back?

Receiving Loco Dice’s remix for our EP was incredible. Loco Dice is an iconic figure, and his unique take on our music left us speechless. It was an honor to see how he transformed our track.

You’ve also released music on Desolat previously, it must give you a big boost in confidence to have Loco Dice sign your music to several of his labels?

Absolutely, having our tracks signed to labels like Desolat and SB Recordings, run by Loco Dice, has been a huge confidence booster. It gives us renewed belief in our work and motivates us to keep creating authentic music.

Hellbent Records, Repopulate Mars, and COCO are also among the labels you’ve released with in the past, what do you typically look for in a potential label partnership?

The labels we’ve collaborated with in the past share a passion for musical exploration. We look for partnerships that value creativity, sonic diversity, and allow us to reach new audiences.

And which other imprints can we expect to see you on soon?

You can soon find us on other labels such as CUFF or La Confrérie. We’re excited to share our new creations with the world. And of course a new EP on Seran Bendecidos with our brothers Chicks Luv Us.

What’s one goal you’ve set yourselves over the long term?

One of our long-term goals is to continue evolving as artists and to constantly push our creative boundaries. We aspire to create memorable musical experiences for our audience and leave a lasting imprint on the electronic music industry.

Is there anything else you want to discuss before we go?

We simply want to thank our fans for their ongoing support and the Seran Bendecidos team for this opportunity. Stay tuned for more music to come.