Insomniac are launching a video game themed 'PLAY' festival in 2019

Insomniac, the California born promoter behind Holy Ship, Electric Daisy Carnival and Day Of The Dead have announced that they will be launching a brand new video game themed festival in 2019.

With dance music acts, living gaming, cosplay and eSports athletes all planned to be present, dance music loving gamers will be in their element at PLAY Festival.

Insomniac’s Pasquale Rotella said “These two worlds have so many parallels. They’re colourful and high energy, they attract an audience that’s extremely passionate about community, and there’s a level of creative expression that both cosplayers and ravers share that you don’t see anywhere else. I’m excited to bring these two worlds together in a live environment like it’s never been done before.”

A line up and location are still to be announced, and it is unconfirmed whether PLAY will partner with console or video game brands such as Sony or Microsoft.

Watch the EDC Las Vegas 2019 trailer to see the kind of production that Insomniac are capable of producing.