Interview: Alex Kennon

Alex Kennon is a perfect example of dance music’s ability to break down man-made borders, coming out of Italy, the house DJ he now spends his time living in Ibiza, when he’s not on tour of course.

His production catalogue includes releases for labels like Toolroom, Saved Records and Circus Recordings, the latter of which he brought his new Dimension track to for their latest various artists album.

We spoke with the Italian native about his coming release schedule, what gigs he’s looking forward to most in the future and why he’s adapted to a somewhat nomad lifestyle. Grab the full interview below.

How are things in the life of Alex Kennon?

Actually, really busy! Sometimes I feel maybe a lot of us do not get to enjoy the present to its full potential because we are always living in such a rush all the time, but that’s life. But it’s that same life that keeps me on my toes and happy.

You have some big dates coming up during August and September, what has you especially excited?

I had such an amazing time a couple of weeks back for the show with Carl Cox & Friends for OFF Sonar at Poble Espanyol. What a show. I also have a special show coming up with Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, which is to be announced soon! Top secret that one, but I can tell you that it’s in August ‘somewhere’ in Ibiza. Hahaha.

I’m also going to be playing for Nic Fanciulli in September for his ‘Dance or Die’ closing party on the 25th at Ushuaia. I love that venue, so it’s going to be a big one for me and the team!

And you’ll play the official F1 party in Singapore, do you approach this kind of set differently to a typical club gig?

Yes, that’s correct. I am going to be playing one of the official F1 parties which are happening around the event. I guess my approach will not be really that much different as it will be in an open-air club at the Marina Sands Hotel. It’s such an amazing hotel, and it’ll create a nice vibe.

Let’s talk about your releases, what’s on the calendar for that side of things?

Yeah, currently I am so busy in the studio making a lot of new music. I have lots of unreleased tracks being supported by a ton of big artists, but I am careful with what I put out and where.

However, after the Saved Records and Rebellion EP’s as well as the remix on Crosstown Rebels, I have some new stuff due out again on Saved’s 15th Birthday release later this year. I do also have something planned for the super cool California based label Desert Hearts, so keep your eyes and ears open for both of those!

You’re from Italy, but you currently live in Ibiza, what brought on the change in location?

Well, I moved to Spain in 2011 and I am still here! Haha. I moved here to experience some new culture, and also people. I did actually think about London first, as I really love that city, but as a guy who needs warm weather for the majority of the year, London is not really a good choice. So, I opted for Ibiza, it has everything I want – the culture, relaxed life, sunshine, the beaches and of course all the best music and community of people.

Of course, as I am travelling all the time it has become a safe base for me to look forward to coming home to. I enjoy the quiet countryside life, but also to have the option to get connected with all my industry friends from around the world for the five months of the summer season. In the winter though, I spend the majority of my time in Barcelona as the flights are much better from there, as Ibiza feels like it almost shuts down its transport.

And from the different cities you’ve lived in, how would you compare the music scene? Can you pick a favourite?

I think the good thing about electronic music is that there is always a genre for each clubber in a way – the festival audience, the music lover, the tech head etc. In Europe, we have so many different influences and stories from Berlin, to London or Ibiza. I can’t actually pick only one city as they are all special in their own way and offer something different for each person.

Thanks a lot for talking to us Alex, we hope you enjoy the rest of summer! Do you want to add anything before we go?

Thank you for catching up with me! Was a pleasure. Well let’s leave with “The sun is shining and the weather is sweet”’ – Hope you enjoy the rest of the summers and your readers too! Maybe see you all on the dancefloor somewhere soon! Ciaooooo.

Alex Kennon’s Dimension is out now on Circus Recordings.