Interview: Andres Campo

Spain based selector Andres Campo has been on a roll when it comes to his studio output. Putting tunes out with Pan-Pot’s Second State, the infamous Elrow and most recent Matador’s RUKUS and Carl Cox’s Intec Digital.

We sat with the Spaniard to chat all things music, including the recent outings, his residency at Florida 135 and a few others things, such as what is on his Christmas list. Grab the full interview below.

Andres, how are you? Really excited to have a chat about what you’re up to! How have you found this year for you overall?

Hello, thanks for letting me answer your questions! 2018 has been my best year so far, visited a lot of new places, released on some amazing labels, and also enjoyed playing at some awesome venues and festivals around the globe, but well, the best is always yet to come.

Recently you put out a remix for Lorenzo Bartoletti on RUKUS and an EP on the mighty Intec. Can you talk us through those two releases?

Yes, they were life goals! Matador asked me for a remix on his label and I said yes, remixing Lorenzo was a great experience because I was able to do something more vaporous. The Intec EP was a happy surprise for me, not just to release on one of my idol’s label, but to see Carl and Jon Rundell playing all the tracks from the EP at festivals like Awakenings or Creamfields, those kind of things make me really happy and are a reason to work harder in studio.

And when it comes to remixes, how do you usually approach things?

I prefer not to listen to the original one, no conditioning that way. I listen to all the parts and I draw a scheme in my mind of how I want to do it. Also I try to do something fitting for the label where it’s going be released, then like the song I: work work work work.

You have become a regular for Elrow and have been a resident at Florida 135, how has that been?

It was a big change in my career for sure, I’m lucky to have the support of two big brands and also the support of all my mates and the Arnau family, it’s a pleasure to participate in all the Florida things, I’m really grateful for that.

And it’s no doubt invaluable experience as a DJ to be playing parties like that so often? What do you think are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned as a resident at F135 about yourself and your sound?

As a resident in small clubs in my hometown I learnt and I grew, learning the role of resident DJ, so it’s perfect to open and close a massive club like florida. Also being lucky enough to be at the heart of the venue with that family dynamic is special, and you learn all the things that are not DJ-related; organization, line-ups, time tables etc. it’s a university of electronic industry, so the best of that is not just to share the line-up with some big idols and also big artists, it’s to be a part of the process to have them with us.

Can you give us any insight into what might be coming up for you, either in the studio or in the DJ booth?

I have an EP on Paco Osuna’s Mindshake label with a bomb remix from my beloved Eats Everything. Also we are launching our new label together called EI8HT that will be kicking off in the new year. A lot of good news coming, but I prefer to keep them secret before they happen (I am superstitious!)

And before we go, what’s on your Christmas list?

Good question! Peace for the world? Anyway, that’s a long-shot haha. To continue to enjoy and learn from the road, that’s what I want, and health for sure (too many things I think). Thanks too much for this guys! Love your platform, best one out there!