Interview: Boom Merchant

Originally from Ireland, but now living in Scotland, emerging techno artist Boom Merchant continues to develop well with each release that comes through his Glasgow-based studio.

His next outing will bring him to Autektone Dark, for the release of a brand new three-tracker titled ‘Free Dinner’, which combines original tracks ‘Free Dinner’, ‘Picnic’, and ‘Drop’.

We spoke to him about the new release, his time living in Glasgow, and what else he has planned for the near future.

How is life over in Glasgow at the moment?

Life is good! I’m working on a few new musical projects here, spinning tracks as usual, and teaching music production and DJing to the next generation at the very exciting SurgeGlasgow. I’m off to Mexico City soon though to set up another studio. I’ll be carrying on my usual work there, but also writing music for a film that’s being shot in the city, so my time in Glasgow will be a lot more limited over the coming months.

You’re originally from Ireland, was the move a career focused one?

I moved to Glasgow long before I worked in music but I’d say it was definitely a move that was fuelled by the hunger for this music, because I just wanted to go out and listen to the best DJs playing the music I love. The city definitely provided that at the time, with places like The Arches and The Soundhaus still in full swing.

Your next release lands on May 6th, a three-track EP on Autektone Dark titled ‘Free Dinner,’ talk us through the three tracks included on the release?

All the tracks were written in February of this year so they’re quite fresh. I think relative to my usual stuff, there was a little more focus on sparsity; fattening the groove to the max, and letting the bass, as well as the percussion do the talking. Then it was all just about filling the background with intricate sounds that made sense without taking over. A simple formula really. Drum machines, distortion, a few chopped up breaks here and there. ‘Free Dinner’ itself has consistently had the best reaction of any track I’ve played out recently, but I think they work well as a trio.

Previously you’ve also released music with Phunk Traxx, Tribal Pulse, and Dolma Red, what tempts you to want to release on a particular label?

Working with good people is always a top priority, but obviously, I’m looking for labels that make sense sound-wise. Every label has a sonic identity just like every artist does, so that should match to some extent. Apart from that I think it’s all about profile and effort really. I will only work with a label that has the right profile, and puts in the right amount of effort, to take care of my music and get it to the right ears.

Which other labels might we see you on soon?

After the Autektone Dark release I’ve got a cracking four-track EP coming out on LaLa’s Brand New Records in June. There will be some slamming tribal grooves and some vocal stuff in there too. After that you’ll have to wait and see, but what I will say is, I’ll be releasing more music this year than any year before, so be warned!

Who are some other Scottish and Irish artists that are worth checking out?

Haha, this is difficult, because I have no idea what part of the world half the music I’m playing is from these days. Ireland is having a bit of a techno renaissance, isn’t it? I’m loving stuff by Modeā and Mark Greene off the top of my head. In Scotland, Gary Beck and Harvey McKay are always doing something that sounds good.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

No worries, and yes! Go listen to my ‘Da Nang’ EP on Tribal Pulse, as it came out two weeks ago. There’s some nasty music in there and the reaction has been great, so it definitely deserves a mention. Apart from that, stay tuned to my socials North American friends, as I’ll soon be announcing my first dates on the continent.

Boom Merchant – Free Dinner EP is out May 6th on Autektone Dark.