Interview: Buridan - Inflyte

Buridan has already made appearances on fully fledged techno labels such as Christian Smith’s Tronic and Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave in the past, and the American artist is about to drop his biggest release to date via Sasha’s seminal Last Night On Earth imprint.

His inaugural outing with the UK progressive giant delivers his new four-track ‘Homer’ EP, which brings an all-original affair made up of ‘Homer’, ‘The Rift’, ‘Iota’, and ‘All The Land Between’.

We spoke to him about how the release came together in the studio, which other labels we might expect see him on soon, and his thoughts on his local North Carolina club scene. Read the full interview below.

How has 2024 been for Buridan so far? 

It’s flying by already! I think like a lot of people I’m still mentally processing 2020 so it’s kind of crazy we’re nearly halfway through another year. But things are good. I’ve been playing some local gigs here and there, working my full time job, finding studio time when I can, and of course releasing some music on one of my favourite labels which is very exciting!

You’re about to release your new ‘Homer’ EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, talk us through the four original tracks?

These are really special to me. I know as an artist we have to learn to “let go” of our work at some point, but these have been sort of challenging. They feel really personal and sharing that with the world is a crazy feeling. ‘Homer’ evolved (over way too many versions) into something more euphoric from what was originally a stripped back techno track like ‘Iota’. ‘Iota’ on the other hand was one that just fell in my lap in a single studio session. The version in the release is the one and only version I produced. That happens so rarely and just feels so cool!

‘The Rift’ is one that came about during a time when I felt someone very close to me becoming distant. Those feelings were all blatantly poured into that tune. ‘All The Land Between’ is my emotional resolve from all that time passing. I wanted to write another dubby techno bit like ‘Iota’ so I borrowed the same chord preset.  Here I turned down the BPM and incorporated a mixture of textures that sounded pleasing.  I didn’t think much of it when I first wrote it, but it’s grown to be one of my favourites!

What’s one trick or tip you used in the studio when you were making the tracks?

Allowing myself to write what’s in my heart and letting that be my guide. Letting go of the idea that everything has to “go hard” and “go off” is tough. But that’s what steered these tunes.

You’ve also released music with labels like Tronic and We Are The Brave, which other imprints might we see you on soon?

Yes! I’m so thankful for Christian and Alan and their incredible support!  I’m biased of course, but I also love what Alan has been doing with Apex Faction. The tunes from folks like Oliver Henry, Paul Roux, and 2phargon are just brilliant and it’s an honour to be a part of that vision. I hope to follow up with some more new stuff for the label someday. Maybe some more tracks will materialise this year. Fingers crossed!

What’s something you love about the US club scene?

The diversity for sure. There are so many different kinds of people all mingling and vibing and it makes things interesting.

And which other North Carolina-based artists should we check out?

Even though NC hasn’t always been a big notable place for house and techno, the scene has really exploded in recent years. There are so many hard working, passionate, and super talented DJs here, and we have an excellent support network. Several of my close friends that I’ve DJ’d with over the years are getting started on their production and writing journeys also, so that’s really exciting to watch.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thank you for having me! And if anyone is coming through Raleigh/Durham looking to party or play music don’t hesitate to give me a shout. Cheers.

Buridan – Homer EP is out April 26th on Last Night On Earth.