Interview: CAOIMHE

Swiftly emerging Northern Irish selector CAOIMHE continues to build upon her past successes as this summer has seen her not only play to crowds at festivals like Emerge and AVA, but also become a resident for Belfast-based club Thompsons.

We had a brief chat with her to talk about how this year has met her expectations, which dancefloors she’s still craving to get control of, and what else she’s hopeful for going forward – read the full interview with CAOIMHE below.

Hey Caoimhe, how’s September been for you so far?

I finished up festival season at the end of August and was expecting September to be a quiet month but I’m very lucky to have kept my diary busy almost every weekend in September so far. Really looking forward to playing a sold out AVA Connections this Saturday with DJ Heartstring and Inside moves. Looking forward to warming up the club in a different manner than I would normally.

You’ve been pretty busy this summer, getting a residency spot at Thompsons and playing at almost every festival on the island, how has it measured up to your expectations?

The residency in Thompsons is a big thing for me and it’s a club that means a lot. When I first started DJing I would play the odd set on the terrace here and there before being asked to do the odd warm up in the club to then becoming a resident. I feel like the club ethos is not something that can be taught, but something that you learn with every gig played there. I feel very honoured that I am one of a select few DJs who get to play here on a regular basis.

In terms of festivals, this year has been the best yet for me so far. Playing at AVA Festival, Emerge, Wildroots in Sligo and my first time playing at Stendhal Festival which was back to back with my partner Brett. We weren’t expecting our stage to be as busy as it was, in the end the crowd operated on a one in, one out basis because it was so busy. It was definitely a highlight for me this Summer, especially because I was able to share it with Brett.

And what’s been one or two of your most memorable gigs over the past few months?

Another highlight for me this Summer was opening the Shine tent at Emerge as part of the Steel City Dance Discs takeover. When I began playing at 3pm the tent was empty and by the end of it there was a lovely crowd in. Very unexpected, what a buzz!

What’s your bucket list club or festival?

I would love to play across the pond in the likes of The Warehouse Project or Sub Club, both places I’ve been as a dancer so would love to enjoy from the other side of the booth.

Your partner, Brett Kydd, is also quickly coming through the Belfast club circuit, that must be a massive boost to have someone close to you on the same wavelength?

The both of us eat, sleep, and breathe music. We also keep our decks in the living room of our house because we both use them so much. There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t showing each other new music. We have our own individual sounds but also work really well as a team when it comes to DJing together. The scene can be quite cut throat at times so it’s nice to know we each have each others backs.

Do you have a go-to track in your collection that never fails to get the party started?

From this Summer alone, I think I played Phil Fuldner – The Final at three festivals, so at the moment it would be a go to, it works really well in a festival or a club setting. An old classic that is timeless.

And what else does the future hold for Caoimhe?

Honestly, who knows. I’m just enjoying the ride and taking everything in my stride and loving the process of it all. If you want something and you work hard, you will reap the rewards.