Interview: Christoph Kah

French born artist Christopher Kah is perhaps one of the most consistent producers in todays techno scene, having already released a full length album earlier in the year, he just put out his second in 2018, titled Second Nature.

We sat with Christopher to chat about his latest album, why his output is so impressive and if the album will be getting any remixers, find the full interview below.

Hey Christopher, we hope you’re well. Did you have a nice Christmas?

Perfect! A super quality time. I’m refuelled and ready for 2019!

Let’s have a chat about your recent Second Nature LP, can you sum it up for us in a few sentences?

Always a hard question to answer, but I guess ‘dancefloor driven techno’ does it just. There are 9 tracks on show, from wild electro sounds to Detroit-inspired techno. Vocoder vocals, heart-racing baselines, it’s all in there.

‘Second Nature’ carries the sounds I’m into at the moment. Sounds that I work on in a different way through my concept RE: SOURCE, which focuses more on the creation of tracks using the minimum hardware and software.

You made this album during a month long stint in the summer, what was the process like?

That’s right, and the creative process was quite intense. When I started composing the first track, I hadn’t planned to make a full length album at all. I felt like lab-testing the matching of different sounds. I more specifically explored the dancefloor dimension with my machines, focusing on powerful kicks and fat synth sounds. A few tracks later, I felt they can fit together and make one coherent album, shaped with dancefloor and deep-souled techno tracks! And here we are!

And do you usually work this way, getting all the tracks on a project churned out at once?

Actually, I don’t plan the number of tracks I will make. For my first LIMITED RESOURCE album in 2018, I had created fifteen tracks, and selected ten for the album. I let myself go with the flow, that’s it. And the tracks are very different from each other, even when made in the same short period of time. When you look at the Beatport charts for example, one of Second Nature’s tracks went straight into the techno top 100, another one in the tech house top 100, and a third one in the electronica top 100. This is what I’m really into: expressing different shades of the same sound.

The album also follows your Limited Resource LP from earlier in the year, why did it feel right to release two long players in the same year?

Well, why not! I don’t see the point in waiting for years to release tracks I’m really into at the moment. Music I composed a year ago or sometimes even a few months ago, doesn’t really fit right now. There’s like a gap, sometimes even discrepancies – As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m very much into spontaneity, catching the feeling, the vibe, the emotion of the instant. And sharing it. Sometimes right away!

The majority of labels and artists will usually look to remixers to continue the hype when the initial album begins to tail off, have you been talking to anyone for Second Nature?

That’s indeed something that’s done usually, by a good number of artists. Then again, as I very quickly come along with new material I never get this feeling. I just keep going. Making music truly is like breathing for me. It is not just a job, or a passion. It is fully part of who I am, hence the prolific side probably!