Interview: Dharma

London-based producer Dharma has made quite the statement with some of his previous studio releases coming via respected imprints such as Permanent Vacation and Remmah.

His latest will arrive later this month as he makes his debut on Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic label with four brand new original tracks which collectively make up his ‘Clear Glass’ EP.

We spoke to the British artist recently to talk about the new release, what he looks for in a potential label partnership, and more. Read the full discussion below.

How are things with you over in London?

Hello, really great thanks! Raining as usual.

You just debuted on Lone Romantic with your new ‘Clear Glass’ EP, talk us through the four original tracks on this one?

Sure no problem. ‘Clear Glass’ my attempt at making something that resembles garage. I really enjoy cutting up vocals, something that I don’t really do that often. ‘BMO Tune’ is a more typical one from me, although a little on the jazzier side! ‘Scatty Brain’ I wrote four years ago. I think it was mid pandemic and I was on a bit of a writing spree and was listening to a lot of early dubstep at the time. It’s really cool to get this one out. ‘Work Over’ was the first track I wrote after finishing this really shit underpaid, overworked, hospitality job last year. It’s kind of euphoric yet melancholic, which pretty much summed up where I was at, at that point.

What kind of things tempt you to want to release on one label over another?

I try to release on the labels I love the most! I’ve been pretty fortunate on that front.

Which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

You should see me return to R&S really soon! I’ve also got something coming on Anjunadeep too.

What has you most excited for the remainder of 2024?

I’m excited to move forward. I’m releasing music quite frequently this year so I’m pretty excited to see where that takes me.

And what’s been your favourite track of this year so far?

Kira Blush – Looking For Lost Cats on Remmah is so so so good.

Anything else you want to mention?

Sure, thanks for showing an interest in my music and go listen to ‘Clear Glass’ on the 26th.

Dharma – Clear Glass EP is out April 16th on Lone Romantic.