Interview: Dok & Martin

Orange Recordings, Phobiq and AnalyticTrail are just a few of the labels that Spanish duo Dok & Martin have appeared on in the past, and this month they add another leading label to the list, EI8HT Records.

Debuting with Eats Everything and Andres Campo’s imprint, the pair deliver their 3-track Raw Metal EP, which includes original titles Raw Metal, Let’s Go Now and Funky Blow.

Ahead of the EP’s release, we caught up with Dok & Martin to chat about the new EP, what they look for in a potential label match, and what they’ve learnt from the current pandemic and 2020 in general. Get the full discussion below.

Let’s begin with your new Raw Metal EP, tell us about each of the tracks? How did they come together in the studio?

Raw metal is a very special release for us. We have been following Andres and Eats for a long time, and when they started their new label EI8HT, we wanted to send them music.

The EP has 3 tracks, ‘Raw Metal’ the title track, is groovy with a metallic sound being the main synth, accompanied by a rhythm and a lot of percussion. This track makes you dance!

‘Let’s Go Now’ is based on a Detroit sound with a chord of a main melody and to accompany it we wanted to get a vocal that gave rhythm and a personal touch. To finish we looked for an acid sound to make an unexpected change for the listeners!

‘Funky Blow’ is the last of the 3 tracks but definitely not the least important! It has a mix of funky sounds and a strong base that gives movement to the whole track. It includes a chord based around the 90’s.

The EP comes out soon on Eats Everything and Andres Campo’s EI8HT label, how did you come to sign the tracks with those guys?

We contacted Andres who was someone we have met on a few occasions at parties and such in the past. He gave us some details of what they were looking for and we got to work in the studio. It was a project we really enjoyed doing and are very proud to be on this label. We feel since it started it’s had such momentum and support all round.

And in the past you’ve also released with Orange Recordings, AnalyticTrail and Phobiq, what do you look for in a label when scouting for a release?

We always look for professionalism in a label, and above all we have to admire all of the music that they are putting out. You want to sit alongside artists and music you personally find inspiring. We have always been serious workers when it comes to production and we set ourselves short and long-term goals when it comes to signing to labels. It’s a step by step process, as not everyone can love your music.

What can you tell us about which labels you might be releasing with in the near future?

We have a lot of things in the pipeline, but we are unable to announce what and where at this stage! Keep an eye on our socials and you’ll see what we are up to.

And one label you would love to release on during your career?

The music industry changes often so it’s always hard to decide on our favourite, Of course, we have some artists whom we have always admired all with amazing labels including Richie Hawtin, Matador, Adam Beyer, Umek and Alan Fitzpatrick. They have all had long careers and know a lot about new talents and what does and doesn’t work when it comes to running a label. But as for one label, we are already working on something for Umek, so I guess, let’s go for his label.

You’re both from Spain, a country which is known for having a vibrant club scene, what do you think makes Spanish clubs so special?

Spanish clubs have this energy which comes from the crowds, and they are very loyal fans. They know a lot about music and artists, so people go to clubs and know exactly who and what they are going to see. I think it’s important to point out that there is a special connection between the DJ and the crowd when people come to play any of the clubs in Spain, it’s hard to explain unless you have been and experienced it yourself.

And things are of course on hold right now due to the current pandemic, what are you looking forward to most about being able to play in front of a crowd again?

Well, we miss being with our friends and meeting fans all over the world the most, it’s a very weird time to not have this social interaction on many levels. There are many people we also love to watch play, and it feels like forever since we have seen any sets. Can’t wait to get back, but who knows when this will be.

Can you share one lesson you have learnt from the current pandemic, and 2020 in general?

A great lesson we have learned is that we have to enjoy every event or club, every day and every hour, every moment is important because we never know when they might end and we are very happy to have a name within the scene and we are grateful for all the support we receive. We have also realised that there are many people who care about us and keep in touch even if we do not have events or they cannot hire us and that is something really good and we will not forget. This is special!

Dok & Martin’s Raw Metal EP is out August 28th on EI8HT Records.