Interview: Elliot Schooling & Liam Palmer

The London club scene is bursting with an eclectic range of musical talent, from DJs and producers, to instrumentalists and vocalists, and the latest release from Elliot Schooling and Liam Palmer showcases three of the cities best.

With the two long time collaborators on production, and Halana Roma on vocals, the pairs new ‘Travelling Woman’ EP delivers a fun and bouncy house cut that is packaged with it’s own dub edit, and a remix from trending Italian artist KOKO.

We spoke to both Elliot and Liam to talk about the new release, what else they have coming down the pipeline, and which clubs and festivals you can expect to catch them at this summer. Read the full interview below.

Hey guys – how are things over in London for you both right now?

Hey, things are great thank you, lots of time in the studio & working on the year ahead. London is a great place for us, being so diverse, we are always taking inspiration from the city.

You recently returned to your own Appetite imprint for the release of your new ‘Travelling Woman’ EP – talk us through the original mix on this one?

Yes, just under a month ago, the original was actually made in our old home studio back in January 2023, so a little over a year before it got released. The track started, when myself (Liam), Elliot, and Halana were having our usual jam and we started to write some vocals that were inspired by my sister’s (Halana) travels around the world, hence the name haha. A lot changed from that first demo, as we had a lot of time to make changes and add new elements. Testing it out in various places across Europe. We actually finished the original on a writing trip to wales in November, where the three of us made some serious tunes (can’t wait to share).

It also includes a ‘Downtown Dub’ – how does that differ from the original?

Well, the original actually started quite similar to the dub. It was stripped back focusing on the drums and bass, but after adding more vocals and chords we felt the EP needed a track to go back to the roots of that first demo. Stripped back vibes for the dance floor. We actually made it last minute a couple days before submitting the EP in Ibiza but it came together nicely.

And there’s a remix from Italian producer KOKO too, what are your thoughts on that?

Yes, we love the remix, KOKO really delivered on this track, as expected, as he is one of our favourite producers. Since booking him for the first time at 93 Feet East back in 2019, he has since become a really close friend and a usual face at our parties, so it made a lot of sense for him to be the first remixer on the label.

Do you have any plans to release with other labels or will your music be coming exclusively on Appetite going forward?

Having our own imprint gives us the freedom to put out what we want, when we want, so it’s the perfect home for us to put out all the music we are sitting on. However, we definitely plan to release on other labels as well. There are a some exciting plans with a few labels in the works now.

Which clubs or festivals might people expect to see you at in the coming months?

Lots to choose from as we have a really busy summer incoming, which we are excited about but a few standouts have to be our own festival ‘Appetite on the farm’ & lots of Ibiza shows throughout the summer, including sets at DC10, Amnesia, and Ushuaia to name a few.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us, we feel very blessed to be able to do what we are doing and to ask everyone to keep an eye out as we have so much music to share with you all this year.

Elliot Schooling & Liam Palmer – Travelling Woman EP is out now on Appetite.