Interview: Fabio Neural

Fabio Neural is an Italian artist known not only for his solo tracks but also for his high profile collaborations with many other leading artists ranging from Chus & Ceballos to Kaiserdisco.

His tracks have been an essential piece of the puzzle for labels such as Truesoul, SCI+TEC, Relief and Intec. The latter of which his latest effort finds him return to.

We caught up with him to discuss the new Intec EP which features collaborations with Frankyeffe and Konrad (Italy), as well as his advice to emerging artists, his plans for the future & more.

Hi Fabio, it’s great to be talking today. How are things going at the moment?

Hi guys, it’s my pleasure. I’m quite good thanks. As usual, I’m working hard in the studio, and tomorrow I’m going to Miami for the Winter Music Conference.

Many people think of you as a techno producer, but you also recently dropped a couple of house EP’s on Relief and Saved. Do you find it hard switching up your style to work in different genres?

Honestly not, I’ve always produced house stuff and actually, my first releases were in a house music style. I love techno but I really also like tech house, and this is the same for my DJ sets, I often switch it up to play a bit of both depending on the situation.

Often you release EP’s in collaboration with other artists, what do you think are the benefits of working on music alongside other people?

Yeah, I really like to do collabs. When doing a collaboration, I’m usually trying to do something that I wouldn’t necessarily do alone. I think the best benefit is the way I work on a track, as my ideas are usually quite different from the ones of another artist, and that creative fusion is often what makes the best mix of styles.

I understand you recently worked on some tracks with Frankyeffe and Konrad (Italy). What made you want to collaborate with those artists?

Normally when I ask to collaborate with an artist it’s because I like their productions and style. They are both doing great things, so I contacted them and they were excited about the proposal.

The collaborations with Frankyeffe and Konrad (Italy) are both forthcoming out on the same EP, was it always the plan to put them out together, and could you tell me a bit about the release?

Well, not at the beginning. I started the collabs separately but in the same period of time. I had two tracks on the go with Frankyeffe, and four I was working on with Konrad. Once we finished them there was a period where I wanted to send something to Intec, but I did not have anything done by myself that was ready, so I thought that an Italian collab EP would be a cool idea. We sent all tracks to Carl Cox, and he chose those for a release.

Keeping on the subject of Intec, you seem to have a very close relationship with the label. How many releases have you put out with them now, and do you have any personal favourites?

With the next release that will make it 9 EP’s in total, and Carl is already testing more tunes from myself to box off the 10th! Carl has been my mentor since I was young, and to release on his historically relevant label Intec was for me a dream… so you can only imagine how happy I am to now be one of the most prolific producers of the label. My favourite tracks on Intec are Kora, Black Widow, Bonzai and the forthcoming B&S.

What’s next after your collaborative EP on Intec, as you seem to maintain quite a regular release schedule?

Yes, as you know making music is very important as having a steady release schedule keeps people reminded about you in the fast pace industry of today. Speaking about collaboration, I have another one lined up with Hollen that’s coming out on his Prospect Records with a massive remix package that we can’t wait to announce. I’m also working on an EP for Mark Reeve’s SubVision, and also have a lot of new demos that I’m sending around some labels.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat, let’s close things up with one piece of advice you would give to a newcomer in today’s industry?

Thanks to you for having me. Well, these are hard times and it is so difficult for newcomers to emerge, as there are now so many people starting DJ’ing and making good quality music. What I would say to them is to work very hard making music, and try to release on important labels that you actually buy music from yourself. The road is very long and difficult so consistency is very important… do things with love and passion, and never give up chasing your passion!

Fabio Neural, Frankyeffe & Konrad (Italy)’s Black Jack EP is out April 5th on Intec Digital.