Interview: Fiona Kraft

French-born DJ & producer Fiona Kraft is amongst the latest generation of emerging European club talents, impressing crowds with her unique blueprint of deep and melodic house.

Following a massively busy year on the road in 2023, she heads into 2024 with strong ambitions for both the studio and her DJ sets, and we’ll hopefully see her soon add to a catalogue which already boasts appearances with both Disco Halal and Connected.

We spoke to the now Spain-based artist about her intentions in 2024, her approach to signing new music, and when we might hear new tracks from her studio. Read the full interview with Fiona Kraft below.

So, how are things in the life of Fiona Kraft right now?

At the moment I spend almost all my time in the studio, I have a lot of projects I’m working on. I love DJing but my favourite thing is to write music.

You were recently on tour over in Asia, how was that experience? Which clubs really stood out for you?

It was a very inspiring tour, I discovered magnificent places and I really enjoyed my evenings in Shanghai. The club was not very big but there was incredible energy. I also appreciated Bangkok, the crowd was super underground.

And how was 2023 for you in general?

2023 has been a mix of many things. I had the opportunity to play in cities and countries I have never been to before, I also played some clubs and festivals I always wanted. I also understood what the life of a DJ entailed (travel and stress). 2023 was my busiest year so far.

It’s been a few months since we’ve had a new Fiona Kraft release, when might we expect to hear something new from you?

What is certain is that I am going to release new songs, original tracks, and there might be some collaborations too, but I don’t have any dates to give you. It was a revealing year for me in many ways and music was so important for me on spiritual level, so I halted the releases simply because the music I put out needs to be relevant to me, to who I am at that moment in time. I’m not chasing the hype or something.

You’ve released on labels like Connected and Disco Halal in the past, what’s your usual approach to sending out demos and finalising a release?

Since you mention Connected, I’ll use this example. To get in touch with them the first time, I sent them a private message via SoundCloud and sent them my demo. It wasn’t successful the first time but I persisted and appreciated the fact that they gave me an answer even if it was negative.

What goals have you set yourself for 2024?

My only goal is to produce and play good music. Everything else is bs.

And what’s one club or festival you’re hoping to pay a visit to this year?

I already tipped a few of my all time favourite clubs and festivals off the list, but I truly hope I will discover some mind bending trippy festivals this year.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish up?

Persist in what you do because anything is possible. Up until a few years ago I had barely been playing in my hometown, struggling to sustain myself from music and literally no one played my songs. But here I am today, touring the world and sharing my musical universe, my tracks have been played by some of the greatest tastemakers. Persistence and learning is the key, don’t get discouraged by closed doors.