Interview: Fred Everything

Canada’s own Fred Everything channels his personal emotions and introspective thoughts on his latest studio album, and his fifth overall, ‘Love, Care, Kindness & Hope’.

Across the ten tracks included on the long player he brings us a palette of live percussion, jazz-infused house anthems, and dense, filtered club basslines.

We spoke to the North American artist to talk about the project, how he approached the different collaborations present on the tracklist, and what else he has coming soon. Read the full interview with Fred Everything below.

How are things in the life of Fred Everything right now?

Hi, everything is great thanks! Summer time is in full swing in Montreal. Really happy that the album is finally out in the world.

As you mentioned you recently released a new album, titled ‘Love, Care, Kindness & Hope’ – what can people expect from you across the ten tracks?

It’s definitely a personal journey through styles and emotions which I was going through when I started it during the pandemic. I hope the sentiment of the title can resonate with listeners. So far, it seems to be very well received.

It features names like Robert Owens and Stereo MC’s, what was the process like in deciding which collaborations to pursue for the project?

It has to be organic. I’m not going after “names” per se. With Robert, it was easy as we worked together in the past and he happened to be in town to DJ at my night. Stereo MC’s was a little different, we had been in touch before, but the timing wasn’t right. When everything was closed, I approached them with a track and Rob was instantly into the idea. Everyone I worked with on the album has been so great.

It’s your fifth album to date, what made this one special, or different, compared to the others?

It was done with an intention in mind. The title guided me through the process and I shared the idea with all of my collaborators. One of the main difference in the process was also that I wrote half of it in a studio retreat in the countryside. I tried to go somewhere creatively where I hadn’t gone before. Reach inside to get my most honest voice.

Do you have any plans for remixes down the line?

Absolutely! They’re all pretty much done. Osunlade and Waajeed have remixed ‘Never’ (ft. Robert Owens), Rocco Rodamaal remixed ‘Breathe’ (ft. James Alexander Bright) and Clive From Accounts remixed ‘Soul Love’ (ft. Stereo MC’s). I also made a lot of new versions for the EPs and Atjazz is set to remix ‘Asolee’.

And what else might we hear from you outside of this campaign?

I’m mostly committed to this album for 2024 but I also have a lot of remixes coming out for other artists.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I’ll be premiering my first Fred Everything Live in over 20 years at Mutek in August. I’ll also be back in London on July 12th for a Lazy Days showcase.

Fred Everything – Love, Care, Kindness & Hope LP is out now on Lazy Days Music.