Interview: GAWP

British selector, producer, and engineer GAWP has built an incredible catalogue of music around his house-focused moniker, releasing on top shelf record labels like elrow, Toolroom, and Dirtybird in the past.

His latest studio offering arrives courtesy of Oliver Heldens and his Heldeep imprint – a groovy, piano-drenched club track titled ‘Sun Comes Up’.

We spoke to the Leeds-based artist to talk about the track, what else he might have coming in the near future, and his thoughts on the Leeds’ club circuit. Read the full interview with GAWP below.

How is life for you over in Leeds at the moment?

Life is wicked thanks, when I’m present! I’ve been touring extensively lately, from the stunning coasts of Croatia, Ibiza, and the dynamic cities of Canada and the United States. Now, I’m back in Leeds focusing on creating music and managing Most Wanted Audio, our premier studio where I handle mixing, mastering, and a range of other audio services. Leeds is a fantastic city, brimming with inspiration and talent, thanks to its five universities that make it a hub for musical talent and creativity.

You recently dropped a new track titled ‘Sun Comes Up’ on Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep imprint, talk us through the track in your own words?

This is actually the third track I’ve done with the girls, we have previously released on Altra Moda with ‘So High’ and also Wh0s label with a track called ‘Deeper Love’. The great thing about this release is it is on Oliver Heldens Heldeep label who I toured with back in 2019 across America, Amsterdam, and Printworks London.

And it’s a collaboration with The Melody Men – how did you both come to work together?

We came together from Steve Burton who is their manager, he has good taste in music and beer! Steve also manages Mason. After many convos we got together on zoom and created the vocals and left it with me.

Your music has come via record labels like Dirtybird, Toolroom, and elrow in the past, which other labels might we see added to that list in the near future?

Yes, lots on the horizon from labels of Idris Elba’s, Shermanology, Monki etc. classic labels like Nervous Records, London’s 32Endz, which is homed at the club Studio338, and more that I can’t say until pen is on paper.

Which clubs or festivals are you most excited about playing this summer?

I’ve just played Noa Beach in Croatia which was a special place! But I’m also looking forward to playing Beatherder in July, my favourite UK festival, then I head to New York Silo to do a production workshop and then play their event. After that Phantom Festival in Canada before I head out to Sacramento, California – Flamingo House, San Francisco, and Las Vegas at we all scream.

And what’s your favourite Leeds spot to DJ at?

Crazy enough I rarely DJ in Leeds! Usually if I’m home I rarely go to clubs but just make new music, my fav spot to be in is Headrow house rooftop, it’s a vibe.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Have you seen the sixteen part vlog on my GAWP YouTube yet??? It’s all about the touring life as I head to gigs around the world. If not check it out and subscribe.

Thanks for checking out the interview and shout to Inflyte for the service they have provided over the years, I actually was the first artist to have an Inflyte account and not be a label or promo company. So thanks Paul and the team for that. To all the readers –  I’d like to thank you for the continued support on music and clubbing. We create emotions, memories, and good times when we all unite and it’s an amazing thing. Keep on listening and dancing.

GAWP & The Melody Men – Sun Comes Out is out now on Heldeep.