Interview: Interactive Noise

Mexico City’s Hugo Venegas, aka. Interactive Noise has seen a massive amount of success with his run of bootleg remixes and previous releases for record labels such as Spin Twist Records and Treasure Records.

His latest studio release will find him make his inaugural appearance on Indira Paganotto’s recently launched ARTCORE imprint, as he brings his brand new 2-track ‘The Punisher’ EP to their developing catalogue.

We caught up with him to talk about the new tracks, how he connects with labels to release his music, and his thoughts on the Mexican club scene, read the full interview with Interactive Noise below.

Hi Hugo, how are things over in Mexico City right now?

Hey amigos! Happy to be speaking with you. About Mexico, things here are great. I love the way this beautiful country can be so surreal every day. It always surprises me. I love living here.

You’ve previously released your music with labels like Spin Twist Records, Treasure Records, and Iboga Records, what’s your typical process when it comes to signing music after a productive studio session?

Recently the process has changed a little for me, as I used to send demos to labels which as everyone knows is a long process. I am thankful that after a few good releases and the shows that I play, I have been able to meet many people and connect with them in person, so sending music to the teams you have a relationship with is so much better. Sometimes I get requests from other artists and labels, which is nice to have that demand.

And you’re about to release a 2-track EP with ARTCORE, tell us about the tracks in your own words?

Yeah, that’s right and I am SO excited about it. This is the first time I will be releasing on the label, as it’s quite new, I think I am the third release since their launch. The team are amazing and incredibly professional. The EP has two tracks and is a psy-techno, trance vibe, produced with the intention to make the dancefloor go crazy. Both tracks have a lot of energy, but I tried to keep the sound at the highest quality possible. I think it’s maybe one of the best productions that I have done, so I hope it’s going to make everyone’s bodies shake.

In the past you’ve had a ton of success with bootleg remixes on SoundCloud, how do you decide which tracks to remix?

Yeah, I did a big pack of bootlegs, starting from zero and using all the samples to recreate the song in a more psy-trance, progressive trance version of the original. The way I choose the songs is simple, it’s just music that has made a huge impact on my career and early years since I got into music.

And do you have any new edits coming soon?

I do have some bootlegs on the way, but also a lot more original tracks. I can’t actually say what they are right now, and would like to keep them under wraps, so keep an eye out for those in 2024.

Who are some other Mexican producers that we should definitely check out?

There are so many producers in Mexico all with different kinds of music, and I think I can say that Mexico is soon becoming a powerhouse in the electronic music world. To give you some names I am loving and supporting at the moment, Physis (progressive psytrance), Intelligence (psytrance), Mariana Revilla (techno/hardtechno), 2up (melodic techno), Jessica Audiffred (bass/dubstep), and Nortec Collective (electronica).

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Something people might be surprised to know you listen to?

Haha yes, I do. Not that I should admit it, but anything from Dua Lipa.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Just a short message of thanks to all of the people around the world who have supported me during the last 10 years. I feel so happy and grateful to see people coming to shows and dancing to my tracks. It’s different when you play the tracks to a crowd and see their reaction. I also want to say, it’s still early days and there is a lot more to come from me, and I will always continue to give it 100%. Let’s create more moments together with music. See you all on the dancefloor.

Interactive Noise – The Punisher EP is out October 26th on ARTCORE.