Interview: Ittara

Making a sophomore appearance on Germany’s Mouche Records for his newest 2-track ‘Peace Of Mind’ EP, Ittara adds a Markus Suckut remix alongside his own title track.

We spoke to him about both the original version and Markus’ edit, how 2023 went for him as an artist, and what he’s hopeful for next year. Read the full interview with Ittara below.

How are things in the life of Ittara at the moment?

After taking a short break from making electronic music, I’ve just started to create some new stuff. So I’m actually working on some ideas and hope that I can finalise some tracks in the near future.

You recently released your ‘Peace Of Mind’ EP on Mouche Records, talk us through the original track on this one?

Actually the whole track is quite old. I created the basic groove a few years ago. But at that time I wasn’t happy yet with the sound. So I put the track aside and opened the project again several months later. That’s something that happens to me a lot when making music. It really takes a long time until I say “That’s it”.

And it also includes a remix from Markus Suckut, what was your initial reaction when his edit first came back?

What a dub techno masterpiece. Frankly, I didn’t expect anything else because Markus is a real genius. All his stuff is so good.

Alongside Mouche you’ve also signed music to Vuo Records in the past, which other imprints might we see you release with in the coming months?

Well, I’m going to release some more music on Mouche. But no other label plans at the moment.

How has 2023 been for you in terms of what you hoped to achieve as an artist?

I was really happy with the two releases and remixes on Mouche and also the feedback which came back. I’ve also released my first EP under my real name, Michael Rosmann, on Made of Concrete. That made me proud as an artist and I hope I can release some more music on nice labels in the future.

And what are you hopeful for in 2024?

As an artist I hope I get the chance to release some more music. As a humble human being I wish that there will be more peace in this world. It hurts to see that there is so much disrespect, pain, hatred, and war in this world. this needs to stop.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to say something about my work. Appreciate that.

Ittara – Peace Of Mind EP is out now on Mouche Records.