Interview: Jesse Perez

Miami-based DJ & producer Jesse Perez has made a pretty noticeable impression on the realm of underground club music, with previous productions coming via top shelf imprints such as BPitch, Hot Creations, and Soul Clap Records.

His very own Mr. Nice Guy label has also allowed him to have the creative freedom to push his sound in a much more direct way too, and his latest ‘Green’ single recently saw him make his inaugural appearance with applauded American imprint Revival New York.

We spoke to him quite recently, where we briefly got to chat about the new release, what he considers when signing music to new labels, and what else he might have coming in the coming months. Read the full interview with Jesse Perez below.

How’s things in the life of Jesse Perez right now?

Life is great! Once the pandemic hit I took a much needed break from the music scene. Focused on being in the moment with my kids and watching them grow. It wasn’t till recently that I’ve been getting back into the music again.

You recently debuted on Revival New York with your latest single ‘Green’, how would you describe the track for anyone that hasn’t heard it yet?

It’s a groover! It’ll take you out of the bar queue without getting your drink and back to the dancefloor to bust some moves.

In the past you’ve also released music on Hot Creations, Nervous Records, and BPitch, what tempts you to work with one label over another?

Sometimes it could be for exposure, other times it could be out of the friendship I have with the owner. I try to work with labels that will do right by my music. Hot Creations is one that I would say does an excellent job on how they handle everything from art, promotion, accounting, etc.

What advice would you give to anyone that wants to get on these big club music labels?

Become a movie director! That’s where the music scene is headed! I’d worry less about chasing big labels and focus more on cinematic reels. Obviously your music can’t suck either.

You also have your own imprint in Mr. Nice Guy, what might we expect to hear from that in the coming months?

All around dope music. Nothing of the norm.

When you finish a track in the studio, how do you decide on whether to release it yourself or send it off to a third party?

If I really love the track, it’s more than likely going to Mr. Nice Guy. Sending it off to a third party can feel like giving away your own child. I like having complete ownership and creative control of my music, so releasing it on Mr. Nice Guy gives me that. On the other hand, there are certain labels that can do a lot more touring wise by releasing with them. So my decision can often times come down to where I’m at during that moment, and where I’d like to be.

Anything else you want to mention before we finish up?

Drop beats, not bombs.

Jesse Perez – Green is out now on Revival New York.