Interview: Jovan Vucetic

Jovan Vucetic wants to put his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia on the map as a legitimate go-to spot for house and techno music. His music has already come on Nervous and Lapsus, and he has some big releases in store for 2019.

We caught up with the Serbian to talk about his success to date, his work with NastyFunk Records, plans for the coming year and more, grab the full interview below!

Hey Jovan! How are things going for you at the moment?

Hi there! Everything is going pretty well here thanks, and thanks for having me for an interview! Good to speak to you.

You’re from Belgrade, Serbia, tell us about your local scene and how it might be different from a big city like London or Berlin?

The scene here in Belgrade is pretty much techno based when it comes to big events – people usually prefer techno there and tech-house/house is played mostly in clubs. Big house/tech-house events are rare but those can be great too – I’m always glad to see people dancing to something else other than the usual techno played at big venues here!

You’re involved with NastyFunk Records, tell us what you do with those guys?

I’ve been doing A&R for the label for almost a year now and I’m really glad to have had a part in signing some big releases that have been released or are coming out this year! Stay tuned for that.

And let’s talk about your own music for a minute, you’ve released with labels like Nervous Inc., Lapsus and Freakin909 before, which labels will be getting added to the list in 2019?

When it comes to 2019 releases, I’m very proud to say that I’ll be releasing on labels such as Roush, Material, Underground Audio, Rawsome, Nopreset Records and more cool labels, also hope I’ll get some of my other goal labels down by the end of the year!

And your production process, how do you approach a new project in the studio?

I usually try to create a track that will get people moving with good grooves, vocals (sometimes even hip-hop vocals, as I really love the mixture of house/tech and hip-hop vocals) and of course to try and create something different that will be recognized and played out by DJ’s!

How about your DJ schedule, where are you playing in the coming months?

I have a couple of festivals lined up for the summer but can’t announce those yet, can’t wait for the summer though and hopefully I’ll get more gigs down as well!

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat, anything you want to add?

No worries! Pleasure to be interviewed. Well my hometown is pretty nice to visit and it’s great for clubbing as well, so I recommend it to tourists as well as those looking to have some fun nights out!