Interview: Nick Acid

Germany-based techno producer, DJ, and label owner Nick Acid prepares for a return to his Neptun Records imprint at the beginning of next month, when he delivers his latest ‘3.0.3’ original to the world.

Alongside his own Neptun Records, Nick has also released his music on a number of solid record labels in the club music space, including the likes of Autektone and HQN Recordings.

We spoke to him about the forthcoming release of ‘3.0.3’, how he approaches the running of his label, and what else we could maybe hear from him before the end of 2023. Read the full discussion with Nick Acid below.

Hi Nick, we hope you’re good – what have you been up to this summer so far?

Hi guys, thanks for the chat! I’m doing very well at the moment. I just released my track ‘Oldschool Vibe’ on StraightOn Black, and my next release which I’m really looking forward to is already waiting in the wings. This summer, I actually spent a lot of it in the studio working on new tracks and projects. I also played some smaller events and as a highlight the ‘Between the Seas’ festival in Germany.

Next month will see you return to your Neptun Records imprint for the release of your newest single ‘3.0.3’, how would you describe the track in your own words?

Yeah, ‘3.0.3.’ is a track I’m really excited about! It’s a peak time techno track with pounding kicks, rolling acid lines, and an unmistakable vocal in the main part. The second drop is played in triplets, which is a signature part of my sound and something I also did in my other tracks, such as ‘Weltraumengel’ and ‘Kalypso’. In the second breakdown, I also created an acid breakbeat in an old-school style, inspired by artists such as The Prodigy.

And why release it as a single, without other originals or a few remixes?

Honestly, I’m not a fan of releasing EPs, because I think that not all tracks get the attention they deserve. Most of the time one track prevails and the others remain largely unnoticed.
 Maybe it also depends on the popularity of the artist and what their output is like in the studio. I like to divide the tracks into multiple releases. The same goes for remixes, as I think reworked versions are great – but in my opinion – they should be released individually.

You’ve also released music with Autektone and HQN Recordings in the past, which other labels might we see you on soon?

I have just released a track on the Dutch label StraightOn Black, which is a record label that I have a very close relationship with. I have been working with StraightOn since 2009, and will certainly continue to release on there from time to time. However, I primarily release on our label Neptun Records, but I have good contacts with other artists and labels, so I don’t rule anything out.

And how about Neptun, what can we expect on there in the near future?

We founded Neptun Records in 2007, and initially released mostly hardstyle, which back then, we also pressed to vinyl. As a DJ and producer since 2015, I’ve been moving more and more toward techno, which the label has also started to release over the last couple of years. The hardstyle of today is no longer what we originally started with and loved. Hard techno of today is becoming more and more like the hardstyle we used to play. As a label, Neptun Records has changed its style to sit somewhere between peak time techno and hard techno. After my ‘3.0.3.’ release, next there will be a hard techno banger by Miss N-Traxx who co-owns the label with me, and following that I’m also planning at least one more release on Neptun Records in 2023.

You’re based in Germany, a country with an excellent club scene, what’s been your favourite German club to play so far?

I’ve been playing in different clubs in Germany since 2004, and there are so many good venues. My favourite club to play at was ‘New Bambu’ in Northern Germany, which unfortunately closed a few years ago.

Is there anything else you want to talk about before we finish up?

Thanks for the interview, and to everyone who listens to my music or supports our record label. At this time, when there are countless new tracks released every day, peoples support for the artists they really like is more important than ever. If you hear a song and like it, share it with your friends or make a video with it. This probably only costs you a few seconds, but it means a lot to the artist, and other like-minded people who are looking for new music. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this incredible journey.

Nick Acid – 3.0.3 is out October 6th on Neptun Records.