Interview: PaperMacheTiger

Following releases on imprints such as Bosh Recordings and Nervous Records, PaperMacheTiger end what has been a difficult year for everyone with their new Luna EP.

Coming on Triangle Records, a label that has previously released tracks from Chymera and Alexi Delano, the EP also includes remixes from Triangle boss Orlando Voorn, and Eviltron.

We had a brief chat with the UK-based duo, asking them about the new EP, what they look for in a potential label partnership, working as a duo and more. Get the full discussion below.

Your new Luna EP on Triangle Records, talk us through the tracks?

Luna came about after we finished a remix for Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction fame, we were listening to the sounds and the direction we took for the remix and wanted to do something similar for an original release, very sparse, technical and layered, but still driving.

It also includes a great remix from Orlando Voorn, what did you think of his edit when it first came back?

When we first heard it, we were super pleased with the direction that Orlando had taken with it, whilst it was a different interpretation it still had the same elements that we wanted to portray when we were creating the original track, but in a flipped-up sort of way.

And previously you’ve released on Nervous Records, Bosh Recordings and HOUPH, what kind of things do you look for in a label?

We see it as a two-way relationship where we can grow with a label as well as offering a label a new musical channel for their release output. It has to be a harmonious relationship where we both understand each other on a musical level and share the same goals that we are both moving towards for the scene.

What other labels can we expect to see you on soon?

We’ve got a super cool release coming out on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid label and a vinyl only release coming out on cool UK label rEJEKT records in the new year, plus we’ll be back on Induction Muzik as well as Nervous, HOUPH and Bosh.

And is there a dream label that you hope you’ll work with during your career?

We’ve been lucky to have released on some amazing scene defining labels and whilst it is great to release on some of these big labels, we are also happy just to work with super cool passionate labels, so expect some surprises along the way.

You’re a duo, how do you handle studio sessions without getting in each other’s way?

We stay clear of each other haha! Covid has meant that we do a lot of work remotely now, but we have a mental connection in terms of what we know would work and what doesn’t when we are producing so no issues there. Actually, it is quicker for us, when we do final mixdowns, that we are together as we can nail the mix in one take instead of going back and forth fine tuning.

And DJ sets?

We actually rarely DJ together, our productions are where we actually come together as an entity, DJing we’ve both been out on our own tip for many years, which works for us.

On that topic, what are you missing most about not being able to play to crowds?

The feeling of electricity when you drop a tune and the crowd reacts, that is something that can’t be replicated via livestreams or anything else.

And how have you been keeping busy across the different periods of lockdown?

Literally been focusing on the music, constantly working on tracks and productions, lockdown has afforded us the ability to not get distracted and just keep on working on music, from prep to production.

PaperMacheTiger’s Luna EP is out now on Triangle Records.