Interview: yofellas

DJ & production pair yofellas have seen a lot of success as musicians in the past, including a Grammy award nomination. Now turning their hand to techno, they aim to follow suit.

The Italian duo will make their debut on Clif Jack’s MJA The Vision imprint next month for the release of their latest single ‘Faida’, which features a vocal contribution from Frankie hi-nrg mc.

We recently spoke to them both about the new single, how techno differs from their previous work, and what else they have planned for the near future. Read the full discussion below.

How are things in the life of yofellas right now?

Hey! Right now there is a lot of studio time for us, as usual we are trying to mix different styles and genres. We think creating sound is like a journey of evolution, and we love it.

You’re about to debut on Clif Jack’s MJA The Vision imprint for your latest single ‘Faida’ – talk us through how the track came together in the studio?

Yes, our debut on Clif Jack’s label is incoming. We’ll tell you the sentimental part of the song, but avoid boring you with the technical details. ‘Faida’ is an angry scream, we were trying to bring together a feeling of hope which a melody can convey, and combine it with the power of a techno drop. Added to this is Frankie’s message: “Even if darkness envelops you, keep fighting. You gotta fight da Faida.”

How did you find working with Frankie hi-nrg mc?

What an honour it has been for us to feature him! Frankie hi nrg-mc is a true Italian hiphop legend. A pioneer of rap, as well as an all-round artist. His consent for us to use his vocal was essential right from the start of this project. Frankie makes you feel at ease, and a good relationship was established immediately, he has always got good vibes. We also want to thank Mauro Ferrucci, who gave us the opportunity to get in touch with Frankie. Thanks mate, we owe you one.

You’ve had a lot of success in the past working with other genres, being nominated for a Grammy award for example, how have you found the techno scene to be different?

Techno music is based on very specific cornerstones: careful selection of sounds, fast-paced rhythms, and dark atmospherics. The experience we learned over the years was something we combined with the energy of this genre and that gave life to something very stylish. We told ourselves, let’s try to mix things up, and really bring a bit of heart with this one.

What’s been your favourite techno track of 2024 so far?

Tough choice, as the genre is in the spotlight, and the quality of the tracks is so high that the bar is rising further all the time. If we have to choose just one, then let’s say Weska – Lift You Up. That track has bassline, groove, 303, vox, and everything is balanced perfectly, it’s pure fire!

And what else might we hear from you in the coming months?

We have some big news incoming. ‘Faida’ is released on April 12th, then there will be another release on MJA The Vision later in the year. We also have some new unreleased tracks ready to share with the world, but we can’t say anything about that right now. We also have a bootleg remix arriving soon, and an exciting DJ set in an exclusive location, there is lots of other stuff coming, but this is what you can look forward to over the next few months.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish up?

We want to say thanks to all of the people who have supported us over the years. Music is our life, and our passion. It’s a precious luxury to be able to share it with the world, thanks to everyone who helps us make this dream a reality.

yofellas – Faida is out April 12th on MJA The Vision.