Irvine Welsh wants to produce an acid house album

Irvine Welsh is known for his work as an author, especially his 1993 novel Trainspotting which was of course adapted for the big screen. Now the Scottish author has revealed plans outside of the literary world.

While on tour for his 12th novel, Dead Men’s Trousers, Welsh mentioned that he has plans to release an acid house album, and he even played some tracks for his audience.

Calling the album a ‘counterblast’ to the current scene, he said “it’s not really banging, full-on mad stuff, but it’s a lot of classic acid house — swirling effects and noises and boomy basslines.”

He added “Hopefully people are going to jump around and have a bop, but you’re not going to have your ears bleeding. And you’re not going to want to be stripped to the waist, salivating and banging your head off the floor.”

If and when the album will come is yet to be confirmed, but for now grab a copy of the book.