James Zabiela returns to his Born Electric imprint for 'Vines'

Still on a high from the February release of his Balance 029 mix CD which featured tunes from Special Request, Redlight, Avalon Emerson and Kornel Kovacs, British over achiever James Zabiela will make a return to his own Born Electric imprint for the first time since 2012’s The Healing.

Since that inaugural release, James and the Born Electric label have delivered us music from Jody Barr, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ikonika, Ambivalent, Doc Daneeka, Benjamin Damage and Cardopusher.

The new record will come in three parts, the main one being James’ own Vines original, with the latter two being remixes from emerging talent HOLOVR and Luke Abbott’s side project, Earlham Mystics.

In Zabiela’s own words: “Vines was originally an unfinished piece re-appropriated for the mix that didn’t really make sense until I built the remainder of the song into the mix. It only felt ‘finished’ after I came up with some lyrics and spent time mangling them through my OP1 sampler. I found fun glitching them out with some broken tape deck effects.”

You can stream previews of all three tracks below, or pre-order the full release here.