Interview: Jean Pierre

New York has always been a positive breeding ground for high quality, club primed house music, and Jean Pierre is no exception.

His bass heavy style of club music has been seen on labels like Cuttin’ Headz, Hot Creations and AVOTRE, and he has garnered support from some of the top selectors in the industry.

Now based in Miami, Jean Pierre recently debuted on Moan Recordings for a collaborative EP alongside emerging talent Miguelle. We spoke to him about the release, how he’s coping with the current issues surrounding COVID-19, and more.

You just released your Daily Alarm EP with Moan Records, how did you come to work with Miguelle on the tracks?

Miguelle is an artist I am currently supporting. He is an up and coming Venezuelan talent. We have known each other for some years. In the last few months, we have made quite a number of tracks together. This batch, selected by Moan, is just a few of what we have in the chamber.

And there is also a remix from Mahony on there, what was your reaction when his final edit came back?

I loved it. It’s a straight to the point, in your face groover. The bass had my head moving from beginning to end on the first listen. I’m very happy with that remix.

Other labels you’ve released on include Hot Creations, Cuttin’ Headz and AVOTRE, how do you typically approach a label when you want to release with them?

I’ve been very fortunate to develop relationships with many artists over the years that I respect. That includes The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones and Sante amongst countless others. Due to these bonds, I’ve been able to send music over as I finish records and they have all been very open with their point of view and supportive when they dig a track. I’ve found a nice home with some of these imprints and I’m very grateful for them getting behind my work.

Can you share any info on which labels you’ll be releasing on soon?

Despite the COVID craze putting a damper on touring, 2020 will still be a very busy year for my music. I’ve been working very closely with a growing label called ‘From The South’ since its inception. We’ve done some vinyl only releases and now we are moving into the digital space to supplement growth. I have several releases scheduled with them that I will be announcing in the coming months.

Some other releases I have forthcoming include an EP on Cuttin’ Headz, a collaboration with Taimur from BLKMARKET that is in the works and a vinyl only release on Igor Vicente’s ‘State Of Flow’

In May you’ll be releasing a mini-album on Bandcamp, how does this differ to a normal release on a normal label?

This is actually going to be my first release on Bandcamp through my own page. The typical label system sometimes takes a very long time, there is a process. I’ve signed records over the years that never get released or become backlogged for 6-8 months.

With Bandcamp, I can push out the records I’d like to get out there in a timeframe that my team and I feel is appropriate. We are still working on a system that makes the most sense as there are still a number of labels I intend to release on. But, this enables me to take more control of my content flow.

As many artists can relate, I’ve made a lot of music that I’d like to get out there that if I did not self release may never see the light of day except through my sets. This is a good way for the fans to get more of my music in an accessible way.

Public spaces are of course off-limits during the current health crisis around the world, how have you been keeping yourself sane indoors?

I take it one day at a time. It’s not easy, but I am blessed that I have my studio in my home. I’m also based in Miami, so at least the weather makes this a bit more tolerable. But, the simple answer is music, music, music. I’ve been working on music day and night. I’ve also signed up for an app called ‘Melodics’. It’s the new frontier of learning an instrument. I’ve been trying to hone my skills on the piano. It’s been very useful during these times.

And what are you looking forward to most when things have hopefully returned to normal in a few months time?

I look forward to being back in the booth more than anything. Being able to play music for my friends and fans again is definitely one thing that keeps me going and focused. It helps me not get stressed with the current circumstances.

Can you recommend a track or album to help us get through it?

Of course! I found this edit by Alci that I really love. It’s called ‘Things Have Got to Change’. I’ve been listening to it over and over recently. I am sure you will too.

Jean Pierre’s Daily Alarm EP is out now on Moan Recordings.