Jeff Mills' Spiral Deluxe jazz quartet are releasing a 5-track double EP

Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills is a living legend and since 2014 has been pursuing new sounds and styles via his jazz quartet Spiral Deluxe. Alongside Mills the groups members include Underground Resistance member Gerald Mitchell, and Yumiko Ohno and Kenji ‘Jino’ Hino.

Since the group started they have released two EPs and played a number of international shows in both Europe and Asia, and have just announced the September release of a five track double EP titled Voodoo Magic.

Recorded during a two day session at Studio Ferber in Paris, all the tracks were apparently grabbed as single takes from live sessions during the two days. It will also include a remix by the fellow Detroit native Terrence Parker and will come via Jeff Mills Axis Records.

Spiral Deluxe – Voodoo Magic will arrive this September on Axis Records, but you can snap up a preview of ‘The Paris Roulette’ from the EP below.