Just Her on new Quiet Anguish EP, the future of Constant Circles and her first gig as a DJ

Based in Brighton, Just Her has become best known for her melodic releases on labels that include Anjunadeep, Crosstown Rebels and Global Underground, but anyone who follows her own Constant Circles imprint will know she has deeply eclectic tastes.

This open minded approach to music can be heard in her forthcoming release on Motek Music which blends elements of jazz and breakbeat with house music. The release also includes remixes from My Favorite Robot and Vibeke.

We caught up with the British artist to chat about the new tracks, what labels see might be releasing with soon, what’s to come on Constant Circles and her career as a DJ. Find the full discussion below.

This month you’ll release your new Quiet Anguish EP on Motek Music, tell us about the inspiration behind the tracks?

This EP was really about being more experimental and showing a different side to my sound. I wanted to create some complex melodies & hooks within both the tracks, so I grabbed a load of samples from all different places, including my own voice, layered them up and triggered them in various ways using Logic’s Ultrabeat drum machine. It gave me a new creative flow and I’d like to think it gives the music a bit of a raw and original edge.

And it includes two remixes, from My Favorite Robot and Vibeke, what was your reaction when the final edits came back?

I absolutely love both of the remixes and was really happy that each artist went in a slightly different direction, which has resulted in a really well rounded EP with something for every mood & dancefloor.

It’s your debut on the label, what kind of things come into play when you consider whether or not to release on a certain label?

Actually I did release a single on Motek as part of a compilation, a very long time ago, so it’s not strictly a debut, but this is my first full artist EP. I’ve been friends with the Motek guys for a long time now and fully respect what they do and the music that they put out. I also loved the fact that they were willing to take a bit of a risk on these tracks, stepping away from the current big trends and allowing me to express myself creatively. I guess these are all the qualities I look for in a label.

And can you share any news about other labels you might be releasing on soon?

I have a huge run of music coming up, including a big vocal track on Global Underground with a killer Audiojack remix, an EP on the amazing Culprit LA, remixes on Anjunadeep and Armada, and of course some other things in the pipeline that I can’t quite announce yet.

You also have your own imprint, Constant Circles, can you give us any info on who might be releasing there in the coming months?

Well at the moment we are focusing on two big releases; the first is an EP from Jozef K that just dropped with an epic remix by Locked Groove. Then we also have our debut vinyl release including music from Onur Özman, vocals from Rumex and remixes by myself & Jozef K, which is coming digitally in April with two bonus tracks. I don’t like to get too far ahead with the release schedule, as I like to keep the music fresh and not sit on tracks for too long, but this summer will be our fifth birthday so a big release is in the pipeline for that.

As a DJ, what’s the one venue you most love to play?

It’s pretty much impossible to pick one venue as I’ve played so many cool places. One of my favourite gigs in the world is playing for Sexy Groovy Love in South Africa, although it’s always at different venues – so far I’ve played on a wine estate, a manor with a waterfall and a castle on a hill. Always a stunning venue and scenery, with an amazing crowd & vibe. In the UK I always have the best time playing at Egg London and also at the Tempest Inn on the seafront in my home town of Brighton.

Do you remember your first ever gig?

My first unofficial gig was at a friend’s house party, which all got a bit messy and ended with someone spilling a full glass of red wine all over my records, ha! It was hilarious but also a really good way of preparing for real gigs. I then did my first official gig in a local bar, who invited me back to play every Friday and it just grew from there. Back then I played vinyl only which was expensive and heavy to carry around but loads of fun. I still have my full vinyl collection and sometimes play records in the UK, but mostly use USBs with Rekordbox, especially when travelling internationally.

And what advice would you give to an aspiring DJ, who’s just bought their first set of decks?

Practice, practice, practice. Don’t take shortcuts, be persistent and determined, and most importantly, be a good human.

Thanks for chatting to us! Before we go, what’s one thing you hope happens in 2020?

That everyone starts being kinder to each other. Oh and that I have my number one hit single of course.

Just Her’s Quiet Anguish EP is out March 23rd on Motek Music.