Label Mates: DJ W!LD / Dailycid

French born DJ, producer and label boss DJ W!LD is far from a newcomer when it comes to successfully running dance music imprints. Now managing W, Catwash and Dailycid, his labels have released the sounds of Liam Geddes, Honey Dijon, Kerri Chander and Marius Laurentiu among a bunch of others.

Our last series feature of the year finds DJ W!LD on Label Mates where he discusses his labels, primarily Dailycid, an imprint he launched in 2017. Find the full discussion below.

Dailycid launched in 2017. Can you tell us about the hustle of putting out your first releases?

Yes, the label launched 2 years ago in January 2017. Time flies! Putting out our first release was more a joy than a hustle, as I wanted to do this for a few years. Our first release was just magic and sold out really fast. Of course it helped that the tracks came from Liam Geddes and Marius Laurentiu, two really talented producers.

How does it differ to your other labels, Catwash and W? And why was last year the right time to start a new label?

Well, the sounds are different but it’s also about the concept. Catwash was more about dancefloor tracks and was created as a collaboration by myself and Chris Carrier.

W was only for my releases, so was really eclectic (house, acid, techno, electro) and for Dailycid’s music it’s another story altogether. Most of the releases are from different artists, there are always 2 or 4 different artists involved, and the sound is more close to minimal and house.

And what is your typical day to day regarding the label, do you manage it yourself or is there a team behind the curtain?

No, there are three of us in total looking after the label. I take care of the artistic side so selecting the releases, artwork and the artists who will play at the label events. Victor is the co-owner and takes care of the business side of the label. Inessa takes care of managing all the rest including the labels and parties.

You mostly put out physical releases, but how have you found the transition to the digital age personally as a label owner?

For sure, it was a difficult transition, especially when you release underground music and when you love vinyl more than anything. Too many new digital labels and music is released now. Vinyl was limiting the bullshit as money was involved in the production and vinyl distribution was more picky.

Now it’s really easy to create a new label and release the worst shit ever and put it on every digital platform as there is almost no cost for production .

So I’m not against digital as we have to live with our time and it can be really practical. But I’ll always support the vinyl for the sound and all the pleasure and sensation you get from buying, listening and playing them. Something you can touch, it’s physical – and just better!

As we live in a time when there are thousands of new tracks coming out every day, what has been the key to keeping Dailycid above water in a sea of mediocre music?

The answer is in your question! It’s by releasing good music. Of course not only that, but it’s also by working hard to make the label more known. Our label parties are helping a lot too, spreading the name, the logo and the music all around .

What record on your label are you most proud to have put out?

It’s difficult to pick one. Honestly, I’m proud of them all. And the last one is always the best. So I’ll say Dailycid 007 with Litmus, Pedro d’allessandro and Maxi Fried.

And who can we expect music from the label in the near future?

Yes! DJ W!LD, Lost Act, Lowris, Argenis Brito, Felipe Valenzuela, Data 17, Nekow, Rigzz, Saenz to name a few. Really international!

DJ W!LD’s Kindergarten Pt.1 is out soon via Emperical Magnetism.