Label Mates: Indira Paganotto / ARTCORE

Spanish DJ, producer, and label owner Indira Paganotto has exploded across the club music sphere since 2021, releasing her bass-driven psy-tech hybrid sound on imprints like Pan-Pot’s Second State and Nina Kraviz’ Trip Recordings.

She’s since launched a label of her own in ARTCORE, which while still in its infancy in terms of number of releases, is well on its way to establishing itself as a leader for dense rolling basslines and heavy kick drums.

The latest release to land on the label is a 2-track EP from Indira herself, which comes later this week titled ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’. Anyone that’s kept an eye on her socials in recent times will have caught clips of the tracks from her shows, though we get the full versions this Thursday.

We caught up with her to chat about her new release, why she decided to launch her own record label, and what she’s learnt from working with other imprints. Get the full interview with Indira Paganotto below.

You first launched ARTCORE back in 2022, what made you want to have a record label of your own?

When I started making this specific sound, I noticed there was a lack of psy-techno labels. I wanted to provide a platform that resonates with my sound, and provide a platform for different styles and artists who do not fit the box, but are talented and gifted regardless. I was trying to create what I was missing.

You’ve since released music from Interactive Noise and La Kajofol, what do you typically look for when signing new music?

I am looking for talent, for uniqueness, and for authenticity. I am not interested in someone who sounds like everyone else – I want to go for those artists that are different, that have their own personal stamp! I feel like a lot of skilled artists don’t get an opportunity with labels, because they do not “fit” their sound. I am trying to change that.

The next release will be a 2-tracker from yourself, titled ‘Heaven Is For Warriors’, what can people expect to hear on that?

I have been playing these 2 tracks for months now and I can already tell that the crowd is responding very well to them. I have allowed myself to experiment, almost research, while making these two tracks. They reflect how I feel, strong emotions with a distinctive sound. I like to be true to myself.

And who else might we see releasing on ARTCORE in the coming months?

This will be kept as a surprise, but brace yourself as there are SO MANY RELEASES coming.

You’ve released on some massive labels in the past, including KNTXT, Second State, and Trip Recordings, what have those labels taught you that you’ve carried over into ARTCORE?

To be given an opportunity to release on such labels in the past has really taught me a lot. However, what I think is most valuable, is that I know and understand how the artists we sign now feel. I know what they are going through and what their fears are, I know they sometimes feel insecure or scared of all of this. My team and I try to provide as much support for them as we can. I want to grow a family; I want them to have the same values as we do. And I want them to feel a part of this whole journey! A part of ARTCORE.

What’s your favourite label?

It’s impossible for me to answer this question, I go through phases and I favour different labels at different cycles of my personal and creative journey. I get so much inspiration from so many of them that I wouldn’t know even where to start.

What’s one thing you’ve learnt since launching the label that has really caught you by surprise?

Honestly, very simply – how much talent is out there.

Is there anything else you want to add before we go?

I guess how grateful I am for the community we are creating. ARTCORE is not just a music label – it’s a circle of people with the same interests, values, and beliefs. It gives me so much joy to see how we all come together and create something so special and personal. I couldn’t be prouder of our success!

Indira Paganotto – Heaven Is For Warriors EP is out December 7th on ARTCORE.