Label Mates: Local Talk

Local Talk are a Swedish label which has become synonymous with releasing timeless house music. Having played pivotal roles in the careers of people like HNNY and Crackazat, they have also worked with established names like Terrence Parker.

Most recently Local Talk released an album from Soulphiction, who as well as being a stalwart of the German scene, is one of Europe most respected purveyors of quality club music. We caught up with label boss Tooli. who runs the label with his business partner Mad Mats.

Local Talk first launched in 2011, tell us about putting out your first releases?

We set up the label at the end of 2010 and the first release was out in June 2011. The idea was to have a few releases ready and then just go from there really, making sure the music reflected what we liked within house. If you listen to the first ten releases you will hear all kinds of house and it’s been the same since then. We’ve never compromised or tried to focus on one style.

And what is your typical day to day regarding the label, do you manage it yourself or is there a team behind the scenes?

We’re still the same two guys doing the label, no team behind the scenes.

You just released a new album from Soulphiction, can you explain the process of signing this one?

After releasing the Bizznizz EP on Local Talk, Michel got in touch with me and asked if we where interested in doing an album, as it turns out both me and Mats also talked about it too. After receiving a lot of great material we started choosing tracks, the artwork was coming together and in the end we had 17 amazing tracks, three vinyl EPs and a digital album ready.

What is the hardest role managing a label that people might not know about?

Making sure the record get’s out there and heard. You can have the best record ever but if no-one is listening, no shops are ordering copies, you will more or less disappear in the deep sea of 1000’s of releases out there.

You have put out some physical records, what are the main differences compared to a digital-only release?

All Local Talk releases are released on both vinyl & digital format. Obviously making a record involves a few more steps, working with a pressing plant to make sure the physical product is as good as it gets, you have a time schedule and hope that everyone involved deliver on time, working with a digital release you often have everything ready when it’s time to push send to the digital distributor.

And we live in a time when there are thousands of new tracks coming out everyday, what has been the key to keeping Local Talk above water?

Releasing music that we like, never compromise – simple as that.

What record on the label do you think defined a turning point?

Kyodai’s Breaking even though I did play it out a few times before the release and people left the dance floor. Still, a month after it was officially released it got played by everyone from Gilles (Peterson) on Worldwide, Joey Negro, Detroit Swindle and it just kept on, it was also on the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack which was funny because people thought it was produced for the game and then discovered it was an actual label that released it first.

And who can we expect music from on Local Talk in the near future?

2020 is looking good, there’s plenty of music planned, there’s music from Anthony Nicholson & Mark de Clive-Lowe, Coflo, Vic Lavender, Filipe Gordon plus the return of a few familiar faces and some new Local Talk family members. We’re also going to a few digital only releases which we are excited about.

Lastly, where do you see the label in five years time?

Unless we’re facing an imminent environmental collapse, we’re still around, making sure there is good music released by people we like for everyone that wants to hear it.

Soulphiction’s 24/7 Love Affair LP is out now on Local Talk.