Label Mates: Love Injection

Print mag, radio show, and record label Love Injection, which is also run by the New York City-based duo of the same name, have showcased some of club music’s finest in a bunch of different formats.

The record label has seen releases come from artists like Phil Moffa and Conclave, and more recently they released a stellar three-track EP from emerging talent Jennifer Vanilla.

We spoke to the pair to talk all things Love Injection, where we asked them about why they decided to launch a label, what else they have coming down the pipeline, and more.

You launched the label back in 2020, what made you want to have a record label of your own?

In doing the fanzine for five years at the time, we found ourselves receiving music often – a lot of which was unreleased and needed a home. The real catalyst was our dear friend Cesar Toribio presenting us with his Conclave project, which at the time was his debut self-titled album. We instantly knew it was incredibly special, and an honor to be trusted with such a stunning body of music. We started the label to be sure we could throw our entire platform behind it and give it all the support we could. It was ambitious but such a joy to work on, and we’re still extremely proud of it, and him.

What were some of the biggest struggles you faced in the very beginning?

Finding the right collaborators. We wanted solid global distribution for physical and digital, a sync and licensing partner, someone to help us run the royalties side of things – all the things that allow a label to run behind the scenes. This is a never ending process, and we feel very good about the folks we are currently working with.

You’ve since released music from Conclave, Phil Moffa, and others, what’s your typical process when it comes to finding and signing new music?

The label’s output currently reflects our friendships, some more like family. Phil and Cesar would qualify as the latter. The projects manifest in real life. Our friends and friends of friends are sending music all the time in various states of completion and for various reasons. If we feel something would benefit from a release on our label, we’ll pursue it.

Who else might we see on the label in the coming months?

Something has been cooking between us and our friends in Montreal! We’re also in the thick of a pretty heavy reissue project that, if goes as planned, will bring in all the aspects of what we do from releasing music, telling stories in long form, staging exhibitions, and beyond.

What advice would you give to anyone that’s considering to launch a label in 2024?

Have a reason for doing it beyond how it benefits you. Have a vision. Think long and hard if you care about helping other artists success. Ask your community for help. Be respectful and honest. Don’t start a label if your personal finances are not in good shape. Get yourself a general understanding of how to do business, eg: setting up a business, taxes, expenses, royalties. Be open to learning, but stick to your vision.

What’s your favourite record label?

International Anthem, Luaka Bop, Ghostly, Leaving, Bubbletease, BDA, Mother Tongue, Tribal Winds, Axis, Sound Signature, BBE, Numero, Soulfuric, Underground Resistance, Coloring Lessons, On-U Sound, Browswood, Big Crown, Eureka!, Flower, Music From Memory, Rush Hour, Domanda, Space Grapes, King Street, Nuphonic, Ibadan, International Feel, Spiritual Life. The list could go on and on!

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

There seems to be some dissonance in our understanding of the value of music. We can all agree it’s vital to our living and our being, yet we’ve been hoodwinked into believing and behaving like it should be free. Support real music, go to shows & parties, buy merch, buy the music itself, protect artists livelihoods.