LANDR launches new cover track admin service

The landscape of unofficial remixes and cover songs has always been complicated and sometimes even fierce. While some artists have managed to launch a career off the back of a bootleg version of a hit record, it’s about to get a whole lot easier thanks to LANDR.

The new service will be available completely free to all current paying subscribers of LANDR and will allow you to record and deliver your cover version or remix directly to the relevant service providers.

LANDR said: “Securing rights to record and deliver cover tracks to a digital service provider can be daunting for an artist, but LANDR’s free and easy path to record and distribute cover tracks allows LANDR-distributed artists to focus on making great music. Using Rumblefish’s services, LANDR will handle the licensing of the cover tracks and make royalty payments to the publishers, all at no cost to the artist.”

Pascal Pilon, LANDR’s CEO also added: “Last month we launched a new Samples collection, a few weeks ago we added AI-driven Album Mastering, and today we’re adding a free service for licensing cover tracks. We have an awesome community and are very excited to utilize Rumblefish’s back-office solution to make recording and distributing cover tracks easier than ever before.”

You can find more info on LANDR and the new service here.