Let's Talk: Ardalan

Persian music producer and DJ Ardalan has been in superb form as a creator in recent years, dropping his tracks on top record labels such as Dirtybird, Toy Tonics, and Yoshitoshi.

His latest studio effort will come towards the end of next week in the form of his new single ‘Inspector Jack’ – which arrives on Walker & Royce’s Rules Don’t Apply Records.

We had a brief chat with him for our latest on Let’s Talk, where we spoke about the forthcoming release, how growing up between Tehran and California influenced him creatively, and what else he might have coming in 2024. Read the full interview below.

How are things in the life of Ardalan right now?

Things are quite good and calm right now. Especially after 2023.

You’re about to release your new single ‘Inspector Jack’, how did the track come together in the studio?

When I came to LA for a gig in 2022, I ended up visiting a very unique studio in Tarzana. I befriended the man behind Owl Foot Ranch. I made ‘Inspector Jack’ with him on the Moog playing a mean bassline. We ended up adding percussion to the bassline. Then we realized, we should add a whole brass band to the bassline. So in theory, the catchy bassline combined with a live brass quartet became ‘Inspector Jack’.

It comes on Walker & Royce’s Rules Don’t Apply Records, what do you typically look for in a label when considering them for a release?

I typically look for strategy and a team that supports my music without just wanting to release it. I love working with the RDA team because they are all about creative ways to make the release more special and I think that’s important when it comes to releasing music. It also helps that they are my homies.

And you’ve also released music on Dirtybird, Toy Tonics, and Yoshitoshi, which other imprints might we see you on soon?

I have a release with my buddy Farsight that is coming on Club Designs, a collaboration with Nala on Easier Said, and a three track EP on HE.SHE.THEY later this year.

You’re from Tehran but grew up between there and California, what kind of influence did this have on you wanting to become a DJ & producer?

It influenced me tremendously. In a weird way I just perceived so much music from the west and Iran without really knowing the names of the songs but just listening to everything. From Bay Area hyphy music to euro dance of the ’90s (which people blasted in their cars and on illegal satellite TV in Iran). As an artist and DJ that defined my passion for music in a universal scale. Thus, giving me the versatility and range to play and make all sorts of music in a very creative way.

What’s something you’re excited about in 2024?

I am really excited for all the new things coming out and also my album which I’m working on. I’m also starting a label and focusing on more Ardy Pardy’s. I haven’t really released a whole lot of material since my Mr.Good album, so I’m taking the time to bring a new evolved side of me and that makes me super excited as an artist.

Ardalan – Inspector Jack is out February 16th on Rules Don’t Apply Records.