Let's Talk: Brennen Grey

Brennen Grey is an LA-born techno artist who since relocating to Berlin has seen his career develop and unfold into something highly promising.

His music has appeared on labels such as Kraftek, Respekt and Intec and next month he will make his debut with Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave.

We spoke to him to find out about the new EP, how he compares Los Angeles to Berlin and which techno artists from LA he rates most. You can find the full discussion below.

You’ll soon be appearing with Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave imprint for the release of your ‘Zero Sum Game’ EP, tell us about the tracks and how they came together? 

At first they were two different EP’s, but when I sent all the tracks to Alan he chose all four. I’m happy they all found a home together, they are all very different but fit well together.

And you also have remixes for both Alan and Carl Cox in the pipeline, how did you react upon those requests coming through?

I was elated, they are both incredible artists in their own right, and although Carl has been a mentor to me for a bit now I never assumed I’d get the chance. The Alan request was just a straight up pleasant surprise!

How does your approach to a remix differ in comparison to an original project?

Remixes are great because it gives you an easy starting point, ie. key and vibe, stems always kinda lead you into a direction! Originals can be crazy because there are so many options, you never know where to start.

In the past you have released with Kraftek, Intec and Respekt, besides the coming EP on We Are The Brave, can you share any info on what labels you might be releasing with soon?

Kraftek will always be my home so there will be an EP with them again in the future I’m sure, and who knows, maybe my own label someday soon!

You’re from LA but split your time between there and Berlin, what kind of differences have you noticed between the two cities?

Everything haha, I think it is safe to say Berlins techno reputation is solidified in stone, but I do have to give credit to the LA underground! It has grown into something truly beautiful lately!

Are there any LA-based techno artists you think we ought to know about?

Stephen Disario is a man on a mission right now! His tracks are rather purist but man he’s good! Also Anakim, a little more on the melodic side but also incredible!

And what is your favourite club to play in the city?

I’m more of a fan of some of the random warehouse parties that the 6am group have been putting on. Warehouse locations are always different but the vibes have always been immense.

Lastly, before we go, tell us your all-time favourite memory of being in the DJ booth?

All of them, I just love playing! Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some shitty “re evaluate your life” style gigs but even those are better than a desk job. So every memory behind the booth is a favorite!

Brennen Grey’s ‘Zero Sum Game’ EP is out on April 7th on We Are The Brave