Let's Talk: CENKK

Having already made his mark with a run of releases on labels like Multinotes, Automatik, and Borders Of Light, DJ & producer CENKK debuts on Renaissance-affiliated imprint BAU_HAUS.

His inaugural appearance on the label brings an impressive new four-tracker titled ‘&techno’ – which combines influences from both house and techno, and has already seen support from names such as Solomun and Adriatique.

We spoke to CENKK for this month’s edition of Let’s Talk, where we spoke about the new EP, what else he has coming out in 2024, and his thoughts on the vastly cultural London club scene.

How are things in the life of CENKK right now?

Well, I work pretty damn hard but also make time for things that feed my soul. Like sports, art, friends, family and my cat. I’m feeling super grateful for all the interest and support the new releases are getting.

You just debuted on BAU_HAUS for the release of your new ‘&techno’ EP – talk us through the original tracks on this one?

Yes, exciting times. A month after the Automatik release, we get to see a more rounded EP as there are four tracks on this one. There’s a wide spectrum of sound, we go from melodic house to melodic techno. ‘&techno’ has been modified maybe ten times until it got to this state, it’s funky but also in that melodic techno sound. The vocals just keep you hooked. I wrote ‘Let Me Tell You’ at the same time as ‘Feel It’. This is a sister track, so it’s very much me dissecting house music motives and making something new that would fit perfectly in the melodic house genre.

Another track that has had many alterations is ‘Broken’. Originally it was a full on song with verses and a chorus. However, I’ve cut it up so it fits the bill and doesn’t distract too much from the dancefloor. ‘The End’ is a power-house melodic techno track. The synth chords that make up the spine of the track keep going up between octaves, until we reach that peak time sound.

It’s had support from names like Solomun, Adriatique, and Âme, it must feel good to get that kind of recognition?

Welll, I’m extremely grateful for many artists who have been supporting my work. It’s humbling to see big names playing my music to the masses. All I want to do is move people and the more people I’m able to reach, the better that feeling gets.

You’ve also released music on Multinotes, Automatik, and Borders Of Light, which other labels might we see you on soon?

The rest of the year I’m releasing on Radikon, Black Rose, and then I’m back with Multinotes. A few others I can’t mention yet. It’s been a productive year so far.

You’re based in London, a city with a huge club scene, what’s something you love about London clubs?

Having lived in LA, Miami, London, and Berlin. I’m now based in London. I’ve also studied here at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I used to go to clubs like fabric when I lived here, so I knew and loved the scene. Although it changed a lot from then til now. Many more new spaces to dance and hang now. I’m often at E1, it’s like family there.

And something you don’t particularly like?

The weather doesn’t help. But there are so many pluses, you kind of forget about it. Culture in this city is just beyond. Also, after Covid the city is going through a new phase. It’s lively, new places and new people.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thank you for inviting me and for supporting my work. It means a lot and more. I wish a healthy journey for the ‘&techno’ EP.

CENKK – &techno EP is out now on BAU_HAUS.