Let's Talk: Chuck Daniels

Detroit native Chuck Daniels have been involved in house music since the early 1990s, and has since worked with some of the genres most seminal talents.

Alongside a wealth of experience as both a DJ and promoter, he has also released his own productions on record labels such as Planet E, Farris Wheel Recordings, and Robsoul Recordings.

His most recent studio offering ‘Slipping Away’ comes by way of his own newly launched Beatstrong Music, which together with releasing impressive club tracks, will also contribute its monetary proceeds to cancer patients.

We sat down to ask Chuck about his new EP, the story behind Beatstrong Music, his plans for the label in the near future, and more. Get the full discussion with Chuck Daniels below.

Hey Chuck, we hope you’re doing well right now. How is life out in Detroit?

I’m doing great, thanks for asking! Life in Detroit is always an adventure and I think that’s what keeps me going. I love the diverse culture here and try to stay fully immersed in it.

You just released your new ‘Slipping Away’ EP, which features Tall Black Guy and Abby B, talk us through the original mix on this one?

It’s been a tune that has slowly progressed into what it is but it’s all happened very organically. It was a beat I had started and then I invited Abby to come write and sing over it. After that it marinated for a while. One day Terell stopped by (Tall Black Guy) and sat down at my Rhodes and just started playing some chords so I just hit record and let him play. After he left I was messing around and what he had wrote dropped right on top of things. After I let him know he came back and finished the tune with me.

And it also includes remixes from Andres and yourself, what’s the reasoning behind including your own edit?

My edit is the raw, earlier version of what I had started before everyone got involved.

What’s your thoughts on Andres’ version?

As always Dez came through with a beater. I think it fits the vibe of the record and where I want the label to be. Dez is a close friend and I always love including him when I can.

It comes on your new label Beatstrong Music, which we understand will be donating profits to children’s cancer charities?

Because of my own battle with cancer and my success in overcoming it, I felt the need to give back. Most of the proceeds will go to various people and organizations to help people directly. I want to give back where it counts. Not being able to work and pay my bills were the most difficult things I had to deal with so I’d like to help people with that specifically.

Who else might we see release on Beatstrong in the coming months?

It will definitely be a home for my own music and re-releases of some of my older tunes. Friends from Detroit will of course be on the roster too!

Your own music has previously come on Planet E, KMS, and Play It Say It, what do you look for in a label when considering them for a release?

I tend to release music with friends in the industry, that seems to always be a natural route. Music from labels I include in my sets is always an inspiration. I like to support the music and labels I vibe with.

And which other labels might we see Chuck Daniels on in the near future?

That’s hard to say. I have taken a hiatus on production so I am now just getting things started again. I would love to release on more Detroit labels and give back to the place that made me who I am.

You’ve been around the game for quite a few years at this point, before we go, can you tell us one of your favorite memories from Detroit’s club scene in the 90s?

Most of my most memorable times from that era come from the underground parties. The end of the 90’s was a great time for parties and clubs in Detroit. One that will always come to mind was a party I did called ‘Can You Dance To My Beat’ an underground I did with Mark Farina & Derrick Carter taking turns every hour all night and Derek Plaslaiko on opening duties. It was a legendary gathering.

Chuck Daniels – Slipping Away EP is out now on Beatstrong Music.