Let's Talk: Enrico Sangiuliano

Having joined the Drumcode roster via their A-Sides series in 2015, it did not take Italian music maker Enrico Sangiuliano long to really make his mark on the labels catalogue, the 2016 release of Moon Rocks saw a new and exciting sound for techno.

Several EP’s and a ton of international fame later, he once again pitches his tent at camp Drumcode for his debut long player, titled Biomorph. The album tailors to a unique format in that it is separated into four parts – Organisms, Cosmic Forces, Metamorphosis and Two Probabilities, with ten tracks in total.

To find out more about the album and Enrico himself, we got a chance to invite him on our Let’s Talk series. Read on to hear his thoughts on Biomorph, upcoming gigs and getting advice from his peers.

Thanks for sitting down with us, how are things in the life of Enrico Sangiuliano?

Thank you for inviting me! Well, things are pretty intense lately, between a lot of studio work around the forthcoming album and many gigs around the globe.

You recently announced the release of Biomorph, are you excited to put it out there?

Excited is an understatement. It is the biggest, most ambitious and very personal piece of work I’ve ever done. I’m really proud of it, and I can’t wait to see the reactions from the scene. I have tried out a few of the tracks already, and they do very well on the dancefloor!

How would you describe the release in one sentence?

A work of reflection that tries to go beyond music with all the tracks contributing a whole meaning, developing a musical path that interpret the biological evolution of living beings and the technological evolution. (Sorry, a single sentence is not possible!)

Your music has now appears mainly on Drumcode, how does it typically work when organising a release with their team?

Usually it starts with me having a chat with Adam about some new music that I’ve got ready. If Adam likes it, we think about what we can do with it and it goes from there.

Whilst Adam and I worked on our Preset Heaven collab back in 2017, the process was the complete opposite, that started out with Adam already having the melodic idea part of the track and we built it from there together. In the case of Biomorph it started as a concept alongside some music, approved and developed under his supervision.

And how involved do you like to be when it comes to artwork, social media and promo stuff?

I’m totally involved, we work and discuss on everything together with the whole team.

Your next gig is at Su Casa Festival in Wales, are you excited to play there?

For sure, it will be my debut in Galles, can’t wait to experience that fascinating location. I am a big nature lover to, and I heard that Wales has a lot of countryside to explore, but I’m sure I won’t get a lot of time for that! So, I’ll have to come back.

What tune are you going to open with?

I think I will decide when I’m on stage, 5 minutes before. I always like to get a feel for what the crowd has been listening to before, and their vibe. You never know what you are going to be up against. Maybe I could play Functional Basic Unit Of Life, the opening track from the album, as I think it works really good as an intro.

Before we go, what is something someone said that has stuck with you throughout your career?

I remember Mauro Picotto told me “You’re talented, but what you need is to be patient, consistent, and wait for your time”. That was back in 2012, but then 2 years later, Sam Paganini told me the same thing! Haha.

Then the most recent one I remember was actually from Adam whilst I was working on the album; “This is techno history in the making”. Well, of course I took that as a good omen!

Pre-order Biomorph here, or listen to ‘Symbiosis’ from the album below.