Let's Talk: Etherwood

A run of quality releases for record labels like Hospital Records, Spearhead Records, and Soulvent Records, as well as three different studio albums on Hospital’s Medschool imprint, have made Etherwood a bit of a living legend in the dnb game.

The British artist will return to Hospital later this September, this time for the release of his fourth career long player, “Neon Dust”. The album is proceeded by new single “Dahlia”, which you can listen to below.

We also got the chance to speak to him about the new project, where we asked him about his relationship with Hospital Records, whether or not we’ll see some remixes of the album in the near future, and how he approaches an official remix in comparison to an original project. Get the full discussion and listen to “Dahlia” below.

Hi Woody, thanks for sitting down to answer our questions, tell our readers what you have been up to over the past few weeks?

Hey! Thanks for having me. The last few weeks have been a bit bonkers really. I’ve been DJing again for the first time in weeks which feels amazing but also very surreal. I’ve been tying up the new album and working on a pretty exciting visual project and trying to convert a camper van during any spare time. Lots on.

Let’s talk about your forthcoming album “Neon Dust”, what can fans expect to hear on this one?

It’s predominantly a dnb album but I delved a little deeper on this one and tried to move away from any formulaic or patterned writing. I usually start at the piano and just see what blossoms but I wanted to wait until I could hear the song in my head before opening the DAW. The album is inspired by self exploration, meditation and an assessment of the material world.

And it comes on Hospital Records, where you also released your previous three albums, you must have quite the relationship with those guys at this point?

Yeah it’s really great, I love those guys, personally and professionally. The last few albums actually came out on Med School which was Hospital’s sister label. It was dedicated to the deeper side of dance music so I always felt I had complete creative freedom. For this album we had a real mixed bag of tunes of all styles and I know Hospital have got my back which is all you could ask for from a label.

What’s your favourite Hospital track, besides any of your own of course?

It has to be Together by Logistics. It’s one of the tunes that first got me into drum and bass and still gives me goosebumps today.

Often albums will get a remix EP a while after it’s initial release, is this something you have planned?

It is something I’ve thought about. A lot of my tunes aren’t really made for the club so it’s always nice to hear an interpretation made for the dance floor. Oo, I don’t know who I’d choose, I think Breakage would be my first choice. Also Waeys, Sustance & Wingz are a few artists I’m digging right now.

You’ve remixed names like Alex Metric, Tom Walker, and Rag’n’Bone Man yourself, how does your approach to an Etherwood remix differ to an original production?

I love the time constraints that come with a remix and the ability to switch up an original tune. I kinda get into a vibe fairly quickly and run with it and the whole thing is usually wrapped up in a couple of days. I do like the pressure. It’s great to take a piece of music entirely different from your own and make it yours.

And what’s one track, in any genre, that you would absolutely love to put your spin on?

Wow, so many. The first that comes to mind is a tune called Glósóli by Sigur Rós. It’s just the most beautiful song ever.

Thanks for taking the time to chat, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Nice to chat! My new album ‘Neon Dust’ comes out on September 24th and there’s going to be a cool visual accompaniment all mixed in Dolby Atmos so keep an eye and ear out.

Etherwood – Neon Dust arrives September 24th on Hospital Records.