Let's Talk: Hot Oasis

One of Egyptian dance music’s finest brings another stellar addition to his catalogue as Hot Oasis returns to Sabo’s Sol Selectas for the release of his new ‘Farfasha’ EP.

His music has previously come via labels like Sounds of Sirin, Stil Vor Talent, and his own Bayati Records.

How are things in the life of Hot Oasis right now?

My life is getting better every year with both my career and my family, as I’m the dad of two boys. Caring about their future, and doing a dad job in the day time, then at night I travel to my gigs.

Let’s talk about your new ‘Farfasha’ EP, talk us through the two original tracks on the release?

First of all, ‘Farfasha’ means happy time or happiness in Arabic. I’m Egyptian, and in Arabic we have a saying that means, “let’s have Farfasha day”. There is a santoor on the track played by Bahramji who I met four years ago at an event called Family And Friends Festival. He also collaborated with me on a track called ‘White Souls’ which was released on Bayati Records. We did two tracks together, and Farfasha is quite unique, as I’d never worked with a breakbeat before.

The other track, ‘Gazali,’ means “beautiful boy / beautiful man” and this one was very special for me, as I recorded with Lebanese vocalist Aziza, who has such a beautiful voice.

And it also includes remix work from Sabo & Sarkis Mikael and A X L, what are your thoughts on their edits?

Both of the remixes are very nice, and totally different from the originals. Sabo and Sarkis Mikeal’s remix was especially meaningful, as it’s the first time they have worked in collaboration, and I love them both as solo artists. So, them working together is something that I found very exciting and inspirational, they did a great job with their fantastic remix.

A X L shares my Egyptian heritage and he tapped into our culture with the Arabic notation of the synths he added.

The release comes on Sabo’s Sol Selectas imprint, a label you’ve released on before, how has your relationship with Sabo developed over time?

He is such a kind person that always offers help and support with my music, and when I first met him, I knew that we would be friends for a long time. I’m continually grateful for Sabo’s support and friendship, as Sol Selectas is one of my favourite record labels, and I’m honoured to be a part of their family.

You’ve also released music on Bayati Records, Sounds of Sirin, and others, what do you typically look for in a potential label partnership?

Bayati is my own label which I started four years ago with the idea of supporting young talent, and showing the world Egyptian electronic music.

Which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

I’m always working hard in the studio, and I have a lot of projects which I’m excited about presenting soon. Some of the record labels that I have music forthcoming on include Sound Garden, MDLBEAST, and Bayati Records.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions – is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

Thanks for inviting me for this interview, and thanks to everyone who has supported me, I hope you all enjoy my new ‘Farfasha’ EP.

Hot Oasis – Farhasha EP is out now on Sol Selectas.